Felder RL350

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Felder RL350

Felder RL350 Dust Collector

The Felder RL350 dust collector was delivered to DMS July 1, 2019 and placed into service July 19. 2019.

The manufacturer's web page can be found here.

Directions for Emptying

(shamelessly plagiarized from this Talk post)

Video tutorial here.

  • Turn off the dust collector [red button on the side of the machine]
  • Turn local disconnect off [rotary switch next to red button] - doing this will prevent the cleaning burst from happening
  • Raise the bar which will lower the cart and allow it to pull out from under the machine
  • Take full bags out and put on roll around cart [they aren’t too heavy just bulky]
  • Empty bags [but save them] in dumpster at the end of the automotive ramp - try and be upwind of the dumpster, the sawdust does blow around
  • Reinstall bags back in cart
  • Push cart back into place under the machine
  • Lower bar**
  • Turn on local disconnect [rotary switch next to the read button]
  • Turn dust collector on [green button on the side of the machine]

** Getting the cart back into place is the biggest pain of the sequence. If you look in the hole where the cart goes, you can see the two rails the bar rides along - make sure they are not covered in sawdust. Sometimes “resetting” the cart (lowering and raising the bar) a couple of times is necessary to get a decent seal between the cart and machine.