GlassWorks Committee meetings 7/2/2018

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Agenda 7/2/2018

Old Business

We will be defining what consumables that will be provided to our members once we receive a space. Reviewing needed equipment repairs.

New business

• Committee chair vote

• Teachers supply list

• Volunteer purchasing agent keep up with class supplies and consumables.

• Volunteer repair person to spot check equipment for needed bit/blade /belt changes and repairs

• Teacher adding glass cutting to their class, the practice scrap to be added to the community consumables? • Getting some microwaves purchased when we have funds, and a locking cabinet so classes can start.

• Getting our Teachers ready to teach

• Asking board for Stipend and space funds at next board meeting • Volunteer persons for misc duties within the glass Dept

• Using class room for microwave fusing after safety class is passed

• Discuss a burn kit and maybe eye was being placed in our dept near the torch table

2nd Microwave demo only

******************Meeting notes July 2018 ******************************

Sorry being out of town I don’t have the sign in sheet but I believe there were 13 in attendance

The only candidate for GlassWorks chair Anita Willis was voted in by a unanimous vote. Diana Rhodes has accepted the position of Vice chair John Gorman has accepted being our purchasing agent Beth Appleton will be taking care of our kilns and be available for any kiln casting questions Chuck Baber will be helping get out equipment up and running

We defined some of the glass that will be provided for member use; the teachers in some classes will be teaching class cutting and the scraps cut will be used for our free glass for small projects in our department. Art glass will only be provided for small project not for bigger project or large quantities.

Since there is a possibility it could be several months before GlassWorks has a space, I set a meeting with Christy Cooper Chairperson Of FA. It was agreed that GlassWorks will be removing the small glass kiln form FA and replacing it with a large kiln we have in storage. Once this is completed and the kiln is tested we will have the kiln space for project classes to start. Since this is a large kiln our backup plan is to have wheels added to the kiln table, and roll it to the metal shop to fire if this does not work out in FA. Should this happen we will need to discuss this first with the Metal Shop Chair.

It was announced that we had a nice size donation of stained glass and Stained Glass tools donated. At this time all Stained glass items have been moved to storage until we can schedule time with the teachers to review the items to see if we can plan classes around what has been donated.

I removed a lot of glass form storage John Gorman and Anne Gullet will be inventorying the glass to see what is Stain Glass and what is COE 96. My hope is there is enough COE 96 to plan some project classes once the large kiln is in place and has been tested. I am gathering info for our stipend request for the next Board meeting. Since we will have consumables, tools, equipment repairs, Belts and bits needed we will be requesting 300.00 a month. All teachers have been requested to turn in their list of needed supplies and tools so we may start getting what is needed to get classes scheduled. At this time, we have 2 members that have stated they will teach small project stain Glass classes. When I get back from vacation I will be assisting them with what needs to be in place for these classed to get scheduled.

We also discussed teachers giving our purchasing agent John Gorman plenty of time prior to a class to get their supplies ordered.

We have located a space to temporarily leave the microwave and microwave kilns, so they will be available for our members to use after they have completed the microwave class. (until we have our own space) we are waiting for funds to accumulate for GlassWorks to purchase a locking cabinet on wheels the microwave can be stored on. They current microwave in on loan from Anita Willis until we have funds to purchase 1-2 for GlassWorks. Since this microwave is exposed to silica and enamel gasses it is not for use with food. Beth Appleton has a microwave class listed on the calendar more classes should be listed soon.


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