GlassWorks Committee meetings 8/6/2018

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Old business

We will be discussing the stipend and startup funds that were requested at the last board meeting. Also, what direction we need to move in to prepare for the expansion.


1. A cutting table was not in the plans, is the committee interested in one?

2. The wall mount cutter, we will need to review if we can obtain it, and get training to use it.

3 Plaster cast mold being stored in the GlassWorks area

4 Once we have space to set out our band saws, grinders, wire cutter, ring saw etc should we require a 101 Glass Basic class since this equipment can be damage easily?

5 Microwave fusing table is being ordered -Follow up discussion with student that have taken the Microwave fusing class

6 Update on large kiln and test run

7 I will be setting up a meeting with our members wanting to teach Stained Glass and Lamping, hopefully before the committee meeting. If this has been scheduled, we will review the outcome of that meeting.

8 Quick demo on cutting glass manually

9 Committee Q&A

**********************MEETING NOTES AUGUST 2018 ***************

GlassWorks Committee meeting notes 8/6/2018

 A copy of the GlassWorks floor plan was passed out to the attending committee members. The power placement for the kilns and other electricity was suggested and approved.
  We briefly talked about the placement of tables and equipment. We will schedule a more in-depth meeting on these items at a later date 
 The microwave cart has been placed on hold since the credit card to order was lost, when the replacement card comes in we will get this ordered. 
 Update on the large kiln – we need 240 power before any further test can be run.
 Charles Baber has been doing a great job on getting our equipment operational. We disused that most of our equipment is for home hobby use.  We will need to take extra care when using these items since they will be used a lot more than they are designed for.

We had another discussion on a 101-equipment class be held. Not all member are online, it was also suggested we have a printed list displayed near the equipment of all approved users. This will be voted on at our next meeting.

We are currently gathering all Stained-Glass Tools and equipment to inventory. We need to be able see what is usable, and what needs to be purchased so we may get some classed scheduled.

 Anita Willis has a Parent/Children’s glass class scheduled 8/19, also is working on getting a 10 x 10 Flat Fused class put together. Beth has Microwave classes about every 10 days. 
10x 10 Fuse classes are set for August 25th and 27th 


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