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The HAAS VF-2 Vertical Machining Center requires training. Members should not use any equipment without understanding its operational and safety requirements. Manuals and some video tutorials are available on the Machine Shop Committee page. If you require help with using equipment, send an email to [email protected].

Training for the HAAS VF-2 is is offered to members on a regular basis; see the event calendar for details. Once trained, members will be allowed to use the CNC mill only under supervision, until they have demonstrated their proficiency in its operation. Members must be trained on the Bridgeport mill as a prerequisite for taking HAAS training.

Training is also required for the use of the Bridgeport Mill. This class is broken into two sections; a self-study session that covers controls, safety, etc. and a second session with some hands on demonstration.


HAAS Care & Feeding

All HAAS Users

  • Beginning & End of Each use (Every 8 hrs for long running jobs)
    • Check coolant level - DO NOT ADD WATER, ALERT HAAS TEAM OF ISSUES
    • Check Way Lube lubrication tank level (prime ways every 2hrs of use)
    • Clean chips from way covers and bottom pan (move chips into the auger channel) - IF ANY
    • Clean chips from the tool changer - IF ANY
    • Wipe spindle taper with clean cloth
    • Wipe inside of front windows with clean cloth

HAAS Team Members only

  • Every 2 weeks - Checks and Procedures
    • Run chips out of HAAS into bin
    • Empty chip bin into metal drum
    • Check Coolant level and Concentration level, correct as needed
    • Check Way Lube lubrication tank level, correct as needed
    • Wipe spindle taper with clean cloth
    • Check / Clean coolant filter element (alert team if element is damaged and needs replacement)
    • Check air gauge/regulator for 85 psi.
  • Monthly - Checks and Procedures
    • Check oil level in gear box.
    • Clean exterior surfaces of chips and grim with mild cleaner (Do Not use Solvents)
    • Place grease on V-flange of DMS tools in ATC and outside edge of guide rails of tool changer. (T2-T9) Run program to complete 80 tool changes.
    • Check DMS tools for Damage/wear - Replace as needed
    • Check All tool holders for wear, remove worn holders from service
  • Annually
    • Replace coolant and clean coolant tank
    • Replace gearbox oil
    • Check oil filter and clean out residue at bottom of filter
    • Check ATC alignment and lubricate all tool holders
    • Check Axis tolerances

It's important to note that these are things that should happen to the HAAS to make sure we keep it serviceable. The first section here are steps that need to be done with every use. If you find that this has not been done when you go to use the HAAS please let someone know by sending an e-mail to

[email protected] 

So we can get with the last user and ensure they are aware of these needed steps.

HAAS Mill Pictures (Onsite)

HAAS Mill Pictures (Offsite)

Dylan's "Tool Setup"

-Get block indicator and position on table
-Type G128 then push WRITE/ENTER
-Push OFFSET and page up or down to get to the tool list
-Push Z-axis
-Jog down until indicator reads zero
-Make sure cursor is over the right tool number under GEOMETRY
-Check to make sure the new Measurement is 5in. more than Z POSTION: measurement
-if not then you forgot to use G128 
-Push NEXT TOOL and repeat last 4 instructions for all tools

Dylan's Instructions for Setting X and Y-axis

-power machine on
-push power up/restart
-page up or down until you see turn off door overide
-turn off, push WRITE/ENTER
-load edge finder tool
-load and secure material in place
-page up/down to get to operator page
-Type S1250 M03; this makes the spindle rotate
-Press cycle start 
-touch off on one side of the material
-always use .001 increments to touch off
-always use .01 to move, NEVER .1
-push ORGIN to set axis to 0.00
-TOuch off on the opposite side
-divide length by 2
-move spindle to calculated point
-Push ORIGIN to set center point to 0.00
-repeat for other axis
-Push STOP, in OVERRIDES section to stop spindle
-PUsh OFSET twice
-Change G54, or needed G-code to zero by pushing PART ZERO SET 

-When origin is set to one side or corner, 
touch off the side and offset for the diameter of the edge finder (0.1)


TABLE SIZE: 36" X 14"
TRAVELS: 30" X 16" X 20"

Critical Thinking

Known Issues List

  • Door limit switch in need of repair
  • ATC limit switch alignment
  • ATC tool pockets need to be replaced
  • Updated Chip extractor (address coolant loss when removing chips)
  • ATC clutch service/replacement
  • Remove T-nuts and Tread table
  • Re-face Table top and machine slots for Kurt vice
  • 3D-Print or buy plugs for holes in table

Lance's Site Prep Input

Placement Diagrams

MillPlacement2.jpg MillPlacement.jpg

Mill Footprint


Fusion 360 models

  • Table: Native to Fusion 360. (Fusion 360) Data Panel / CAM Samples / Machine Tables / Haas / VF-2
  • Vise: Kurt DX688, modeled as Kurt DX6. Download from Kurt as IGES model and upload into Fusion 360.