Hackerspace Meeting 20191030

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Calendar Info



Scheduled Time

19:00 - 20:00


North Lobby Classroom

Prior Minutes

Computer Committee Meeting 20191016


  • Elect a Chair
 Nominations: Raffi (Chair), Denzuko (Chair)
 By-laws requires a chair nomination every six calendar months even with new chairs reported recently. We're needing to confirm our nominations for current running chair or vote for any new chair given the nomination is presented for one.
  • SIG scheduling
 We have several SIGs we support; this would be the best time for them to speak up and make sure their meetings are announced so we can promote it on our social media channels.
 Required for resource planning, promotional work, and continue support for the sig.
  • Hacktober CTF planning and scheduling
 The october CTF is due on the calendar this sunday and we're needing the community's input and assistance with this event. There's items on our trello board that need completion and we greatly appreciate the volunteers whom help.
  • Open discussion


Dwight Spencer via phone

Rafael Rincon

Ben Bangerter

Danielle Quam

Cory Swartz

Paul Traue

Austin Smithey

Laurie Ruggles (MizGeek)

John Lindsey

Agenda Item: Elect a chair

Dwight rescinds his nomination.

Rafael Motions to vote for a chair

Paul Seconds

Vote for chair:

Raffi: unanimous

Agenda Item: SIG Scheduling

Action Item: Dwight to update the wiki page for Crypto SIG with an About section.

Agenda Item: Hacktober CTF planning and scheduling

Hacktober CTF to be held Friday the 15th of October from 7 to midnight.

Action Item: Raffi to create proposal for layout of committee area to be modified and possibly voted on next meeting.

Action Item: Raffi to reach out to Doug Emes about orange area.

Raffi motions to make digital attendance possible for future committee meetings. Preferably Discord.

Austin Seconds

Unanimous for remaining members. (6 members)

Action Item: Dwight to build curriculum for November CTF and publish on Wiki.

Raffi motions to adjourn.

Austin Seconds.