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Managed by the Infrastructure_Committee

Hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AD Server

  • Replicates to/from the DMS-hosted AD server (contains the exact same information as the DMS-hosted AD server)
  • Hosted by AWS for optimal uptime and also for DR (Disaster Recovery)

Services that make use of AD for authentication


DMS Event Calendar


Controls Access Cards.


Learning Management System

DMS Moodle!


Provides Central logging for syslog and other logging needs.

VoIP Server

Cloud hosted instance of 3CX. Google Compute Services provides the voice to text services.



DMS Billing System

Hosted at Dallas Makerspace

AD Server

Active Directory

Jump Server

Provides remote access to DMS software primarily for CNC machines e.g. HAAS and woodshop CNC router. JumpServerFAQ

RFID door access controller server

This provides the link between maker manager and the door controllers.