Infrastructure Committee Meeting 20190508

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Time, location

20190508 20:00 Dallas Makerspace, Lobby Classroom

Meeting started at 20:03

Meeting ended at 21:43


  • Stan Simmons
  • Freddy Calvert
  • Dwight Spenser
  • Draco (Mike Cole)
  • Thurman Mayne
  • Bill Gee
  • Bill Murrell
  • Jim Hartnett
  • Doug Emes (Came in after election)
  • Jason Otwell (Came in after election)


Chair Election

Problem: New Chair needs to be elected

Solution: The candidates for Infrastructure Chair are as follows

  • Freddy Calvert

Vote: Unanimous vote for Freddy Calvert, including proxies Chris Marlow, Clayton Bell

Procure Duo for 2FA (Jim Hartnett)

Solution: Procure Duo for 2FA at $5 a user for DA group

Vote: Motion approved unanimous

Recurring Accounts (Draco)

Problem: We have many times run out of money on and Twilio

Solution: Move and Twilio to auto on recurring card.

Vote: Tabled until board gets recurring "headless" CC, Stan put on his DMS CC

Action Items

  1. Create groups and policies for specific access and start removing users from DA group that do not need administrator access. Jim Hartnett to develop the polices.
  2. Remove Autodesk software except Fusion 360 from Jump. Draco leads.
  3. Going through GPOs. Freddy leads
  4. Move Docker cluster off of current VMH-07 / prvir02 and onto new server. Dwight leads.
  5. Setup Tick Stack monitoring demo. Dwight leads.
  6. Setup Splunk server for logging. Jim Hartnett leads.
  7. Setup FreeIPA for key storage for all Linux servers. Dwight leads.
  8. Setup Lucid Chart. Jim Hartnett leads.
  9. Move Talk to SaaS Discourse server. Jim Hartnett leads.