Jewelry Committee Meeting 20221101

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Jewelry Studio Committee Meeting: Jan. 11 7PM CST.

Hosted by: Joseph Lahoud Via Google Meet


Johnny Bluejacket

John Stanger

Darren the Octo

Sue Rodgers

Carolyn Marco

Amber Zungia

Recognition: Thank you, everyone, for attending tonight's meeting,

Volunteer needs:

Current committee finances: No update.

Misc: Vent update; No update

Need to buy: Still need 5oz casting grain. Couple visors, more Zam, tumbler cleaner.

Lapidary SIG update: None.

Classes/teachers discussion: Casting lab moved 1/30 - 1/31

Safety / Out of order issues: Yellowjacket wasps in shop - Beware

Motioned to adjourn by: Joseph @ 7:48PM, Second Johnny.

Next meeting: 2/08/2022 7PM CST