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About the Knifemaking SIG

The Knifemaking SIG is a Special Interest Group affiliated with the Blacksmith committee.

Members showing an interest in the Knifemaking SIG include:

  1. Brian Davis @Tapper on Talk) is the (maybe) current Knifemaking SIG Leader
  1. Amanda Rez @ladysandry on Talk)
  2. Brad Sims @brsims on Talk)
  3. Dan Henderson @coloneldan on Talk)
  4. Daniel Espinoza-Hernandez @daespinozah on Talk)
  5. Ethan Western @EthanWestern on Talk)
  6. Jeannie Harwell @kyrithia on Talk)
  7. Jeff Whitcomb @jeffbob on Talk)
  8. Jeremy Nerpel @Jnerpel on Talk)
  9. Mark Salas @Mrksls2 on Talk)
  10. Matt Redmond @mdredmond on Talk)
  11. Mike Churchill @HankCowdog on Talk)
  12. Nathan Kirkland @Nate on Talk)
  13. Nick Silva @nicksilva on Talk)
  14. Ryan @ryan on Talk)
  15. Ryan Davidson @indytruks138 on Talk)
  16. Scott Blevins @Scott_Blevins on Talk)
  17. Tim Bene @TBJK on Talk)
  18. Thom Stewart @Thom on Talk)
  19. Draco @Draco on Talk)
  20. Andrew Garcia @jendrew12 on Talk
  21. Raymond Jett @Raymond on Talk
  22. Tim Dugger @fender84 on talk
  23. Doug Dobies @deetoo on Talk

The Knifemaking SIG is for DMS Members who are interested in all aspects of designing and constructing knives, whether using the stock removal method, forging, or other techniques (CAM, casting, hybrid techniques). This includes the construction of the blades themselves, with additional interest in the design and construction of knife scales, custom mosaic pins, sheaths, etc.

The focus of the group is on practical knives with a sharp edge, not cosplay/LARPing/etc.

Please reach out to one of the members above or see the Calendar to register for classes or otherwise get involved in the SIG.

Knifemaking SIG Goals

  1. Maintain the quality of our existing tools by regularly monitoring the knife making resources in the Metal Shop
  2. Train Members on the safe and proper use of our tools during Intro to Knife Making, Induction Forge, KMG Grinder and other Project classes
  3. Acquire tools as the opportunity arises and funds are available.
  4. Encourage knife making by offering skills based project classes.

Tools and Supplies

There are several DMS tools which are useful in knife construction. All tools and supplies are located in the Metal Shop. In general these tools are controlled/managed/maintained by the Blacksmith Committee.

- KMG 2x72 variable speed grinder
- 2x72 belts in various grits
- Induction forge

A nice addition would be for someone to volunteer to make a beveling jig like this one made from hardware store materials.

Neat and/or loosely educational knifemaking YouTube channels