Laser Committee Meeting Minutes 07252020

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-Michael Bayern (Chair)

-Johnathan Smith (new vice chair)

-David Shannon

-Narcel Reedus

-April Burk

-David Turner

-Thomas (?)

-Doug Emes (online)

-Nick Silva (online)

-Justin Walker (online, took the notes!)


Meeting Start: 2:07pm

Chair Election: Michael Bayern was the only sucker candidate for chair. He was unanimously elected.

Spend up to $2000 for two 120W laser tubes

Proposed: Michael Bayern

Second: David Turner

For: Unanimous

Against: None

Meeting Adjourned: 2:30pm


Fusion Training has begun, as a 1:1 adhoc course. Requires thunder training (for safety information)

Fusion class will be the first class moved online, next on the 'todo' list for laser classes

Zing 'cart' is actually a table, in old 3D fab w/ Hepa Filter and computer

Donner has been down quite some time, hopefully a new tube will get it working again (have not yet tried a new tube)

Reaffirmed the committee vote from 12/28/2019 that we would like to sell lenses and lens tubes for personal use by members. Still finding the appropriate lens tubes, our typical vendor (cloudray) does not sell the proper size.

People have been cleaning/maintaining the optics, thank you! Broken and dirty lenses have been way down from their numbers before we shut down.