Learn to create your own breakout board with KiCAD

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Learn to create your own break out board with KiCAD

The purpose of this class is to teach how to use the Open Source package KiCAD to produce a breakout board for parts for which you can not find a commercial board. The skills learned will allow you to produce such boards on your own, as well as use the same skills to produce more complicated pc boards.

We will all be creating the same breakout board for a part I choose for the class. Prior to class you NEED to install the current version 4.0.4 on your laptop, which you will bring with you to class. If you don't have the software installed before class, we will not wait for you to get it installed. You can download the software from http://kicad-pcb.org/download/ for Windows, Max, and most flavors of Linux

Class Outline

KiCAD Cheatsheet