Logistics Committee Meeting 20170430

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Logistics Committee Meeting, Sunday, April 30, 2017

Convene 3:05 PM


Dan Gallagher


Bill Gee


  • Dan Gallagher
  • Steve Blanchard
  • Justin Carroll
  • Chris Wilke
  • Luke Strickland
  • Bill Gee
  • Richard Box
  • Art Givens
  • Kris Anderson
  • Coulson Mullen


Dan wants to promote community. Look forward; the past is done. Do not criticize people who held these jobs previously.

Dan doesn't want the chair to be a full-time job; there is no need for that.

By the 80/20 or 90/10 rule, out of 1500 members, how many volunteers? We will bring in volunteers, creating ownership.

We want to change this from a thankless job by recognizing the people doing the job.

We govern ourselves; the committee will run things but we all decide.

The SRC3 format is used for board meetings. Dan modified it for committee meetings and distributed copies. We will vote to adopt it at the next meeting. Meetings should be for decision making; debating should be done elsewhere before and decisions postponed until the debate is settled.

Proposal to split Logistics into four areas

Member Exchange

As separate committee. It must be organized, then approved by the board. Logistics will not clear the shelf until then otherwise people will assume that the Freebie Shelf is back.

Replenishment and Maintenance

We keep a spreadsheet of products and where to buy them.

Have a vice-chair to be responsible for the team.

Items include supplies for the Galley, office supplies and the tool area. Stan may take care of paper.

There is a grey area of what falls under Infrastructure or Logistics. We may shift some responsibilities between the two.

Community areas

The Common Room, the Galley, walls? Kris said the front hallway belongs to the PR Committee. We do not know about the other walls (Infrastructure?).

Lost and Found shelf (open for theft) is under Logistics, maybe periodically take and post a picture of the contents?

The magazine rack if PR doesn't want to keep it.

The tool area and work areas.

There will be a system for proposals for changes in the allocation of committee space. Who does it affect and getting committee chair buy-in will be important considerations. As is when the move is done and by whom.

Also a system for reserving tables in the work area for classes. Bill said there is currently an informal system of posting notice a day in advance. Some want to extend it to reserving tables for regular use. It is currently first come, first served. Details TBD later

Recycling. Some wanted that to be the purview of the Member Exchange group; they have already voted to not handle recycling.


It has been the bane in everyone's side.

The kiosk has been removed. It is personal property. A team is being assembled to replace it. Brandon has offered the use of his code.

We will revert to using the old system for now.

There will be a storage meeting (next Saturday?) for extensions.

The eventual goal is to get rid of offsite storage to avoid volunteer burnout.

In the new system,

every storage slot is numbered.
there will be several sizes of slots.
swipe RFID to autofill fields, print ticket.
there was a question whether we will still keep the description of the contents.
there will be a points system, originally reserve for two weeks, can renew.
 maximum of two slots per member, exceptions go to storage team to decide.
more points can be awarded for volunteering for special projects.
 maybe expand the system for using points in other areas - "Maker Bucks".
chair and vice-chairs may not earn points for their own projects to avoid abuse.
will phase the system in.

Chris Wilke is concerned that we do not fully understand the needs for storage and suggested a questionare. Such as is there a need for very short term storage?

When time is exceeded, get a 7 day warning with escalating penalties afterward such as loss of points.

Perhaps part of the agreement when reserving storage is that when time is exceeded, the project becomes a donation.

Storage is a privilege based upon availability.

Dan had sign-up sheets for people interested in the three areas.

Replenishment Team

  • Justin Carroll
  • Bill Gee
  • Steve Blanchard

Community Area Team

  • Richard Box
  • Bill Gee
  • Coulson Mullen

Storage Team

  • Coulson Mullen
  • Bill Gee

Adjourn 4:05 PM