Logistics Committee Meeting 20170620

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Logistics Committee Meeting, Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Convene 7:03 PM


Dan Gallagher


Bill Gee


  • Dan Gallagher
  • Cairenn Day
  • Bill Gee
  • Adam Oas
  • Alex Rhodes
  • Luke Olson
  • David Kessinger
  • Luke Strickland
  • Jayson Woods
  • Nick Sainz

Storage Team

Raymond was out of town.

Offsiting was done last Sunday. We hauled less than the month before. We disposed of lots of wood.

The date is pending for the next storage extension meeting.

There is no update on the storage printer kiosk.

We will get a smaller cabinet for personal chemical storage. RFID access? We must have SDS sheet for every chemical; we are classified as commercial, not industrial. There was a question about acids and other chemicals. David Kessinger will help with that. The various gasses in Jewelry/Small Metals need some kind of storage.

Bill proposed putting storage shelves back next to the Woodshop Annex so that it can be used for classes again. Maybe let Woodshop manage those shelves.

Cairenn mentioned that we need a way to cut between the work tables on the way from the back door to the front office area.

Vertical storage: every piece of wood should be identified and associated with a storage ticket. Items not so marked will be offsited next month.

We will be looking at a token system to reward volunteer time.

Storage extensions may be based on total storage utilization when the system is automated.

Adam said the tour guides will say that project storage is not a place to keep your junk.

Replenishment Team

Steve was taking the Sherline lathe class.

Community Area Team

Luke Strickland has been working on the LED lighting refit project. He will also install the Roboreels in the workshop.

Some ceiling tiles need replacement. Jayson will fix the area over the Member Exchange shelf.

We have had some roof leaks. Brooks has been handling air conditioner repairs. The current contacts are Tim Bene and Chuck Graf.

We need to order more ceiling tiles. Luke Olson will buy some.

Member Exchange Team

Carienn Has been nominated and elected to lead the team.

More small bins are on order along with some larger ones. Someone will make some labels for them.

We need signs indicating what is not allowed.

The plan is to have the shelf running by the weekend.

A "price gun" will be used to tag items with the date (colored tags.)

Contact information will be posted for reporting problems.

Chair Replacement

After looking at the choices, the committee voted (7 for, 1 opposed, 1 abstain) to buy 12 shop stools and 30 red Caper task chairs. Alex will get a quote from a local vendor. The old chairs will be sold to members or disposed.

The next meeting will be July 19

Issue from the floor

A concern was raised that some of Tom's things were placed in the server room instead of being offsited because they were of high value. This is not equal treatment. Dan will speak to Raymond about this.

Adjoin 8:07 PM