Logistics Committee Meeting 20170719

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Logistics Committee Meeting, Tuesday, July 19, 2017 @ 7:00 PM

Convene 7:07 PM


Dan Gallagher


Bill Gee


  • Dan Gallagher
  • Cairenn Day
  • Art Givens
  • Luke Strickland
  • Bill Gee
  • Axeonos Robertson


Storage Area Team Report

The date for the next offsiting is not on the calendar yet.

Art: Having it on a regular day of the week is desirable.

Dan: That is up to Raymond.

Dan: I am disappointed that we did not resolve the Vertical Storage issue on Monday.

Cairenn: Maybe members lose storage privilege unless they help with offsiting?

Dan: We do not track whose things are being offsited.

Bill: Maybe change the policy so that if no woodworkers help with offsiting, wood items go directly into the dumpster instead of going offsite?

Art: Maybe once it has been offsited, it cannot be brought back?

Cairenn: Donate the wood to high school shop classes?

Replenishment Team Report

Axie: We had a problem ordering from Amazon and it never shipped.

Member Exchange Team Report

We had an issue with brake rotors: they went from being under a table in Laser to the shelf to the Metal Shop scrap bin.

We need to get more bins.

People are using the shelf; things are circulating.

Community Area Team Report

The current roboreels are hanging by rope from the ceiling

How should the new ones be installed? They should not be hanging from the false ceiling rails.

Richard Box has left The Space. We have an opening.

The team oversees the Common Room, the Galley, Lost and Found.

Luke and Axie are willing to take on the role.

Luke: I just want to fix broken things.

Axie: I'll take the front part; Luke can have the back.

Dan: I want to give Luke a leadership position.

Axie: You can delegate the front to me.

Axie: We should get a kiosk or tombstone to handle payments for the personal storage bins.

Dan nominates Luke Strickland to lead the Community Area Team; Bill seconds; he is voted in unanimously.

The stools for the workshop are on order. There were some problems with Amazon; the shorter ones are out there.

New Business

Workshop Re-Config

Dan summarized the meeting.

Cairenn: As we get new tools, we will continually lose project and palette storage space.

Logistics e-mail

Create a group for each team.

We need to have a place to store facility maps.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, August 22

Adjoin 7:52 PM