Logistics Committee Meeting 20171015

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Convene 3:10 PM


Luke Strickland


Luke Strickland


Cairenn Day Bill Gee Luke Strickland David Kessinger Stan Simmons


Storage Area Team Report

Luke: Raymond said everything is as usual. David: We should temporarily block people from storage if they are habitual abusers. Luke: I agree with that, after we get the kiosk setup we can ban people temporarily. David: There's no penalty currently.

David: How do we renew storage with the electronic solution? Some people have peretual storage. Bill: We need to decide what the new rules are. As far as automation goes, we can prevent multiple storage users. David: Why would anyone get additional storage, everyone should get one storage spot.

Bill: We need to determine the policy. David: We should determine the policy before the final code. Luke: Raymond, Bill and I will discuss a policy before the next storage extension meeting

Bill: Raymond has indicated that he thinks Project Storage and Personal Storage should be different roles as they are both very tedious. After I work on a solution for Project Storage maybe I can work on something for Person Storage. I am willing to do personal storage.

Replenishment Team Report

Luke: Steve said he wants to continue doing replenishment and everything is going nicely.

Member Exchange Team Report

Cairenn: Cleaned up for open house, need to replace one of the bins. People are doing a good job.

Cairenn: We could probably use a small dolly. Something low to the ground, cheap and easy to find.

Luke: We need more signage indicating what the shelf is.

Community Area Team Report

Caireen: A couple of things, I'd like a compressed air line in Jewelry. Luke: This is technically Infrastructure. However I'd love to do the work. Stan: Working on a better air solution so things are currently on hold.

New Business

New Ryobi batteries

Luke: Bought 3 new batteries, 2 lighter ones and 1 regular. Waiting for them to go on sale to buy more.

Tool Theft

Luke: Need to figure out the way to prevent theft. Maybe lockout the batteries. Bill: New Stan cameras have 1080p resolution. Should protect doors better. Caireen: Maybe we can paint the tools a crazy pink or another color to make it obvious. Bill: We don't want to prevent taking tools to events or out in the parking lot.

Shorter tables

Caireen: We need shorter tables for doing more prescise work, the tall tables aren't productive for some of our members and there's no difference for space used. Bill: Why not try an experiment, cut an allen table in half and see who uses it. Luke: I'm down for an experiment.

Safety Lights

Caireen: We need to ensure our safety lights are working correctly. We need to make sure the egress path behind the machine shop. Luke: The actionable item here is to ensure the emergency lights are installed, and figure out if we need another Exit light.

Better meeting times

Luke: I'd like to propose we start meeting every month on either the first or second Sunday, to fit into the Project Storage meetings.

Adjoin 4:10 PM