Machine Shop Committee Meeting 20170511

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Machine Shop Monthly Committee Report 5-11-2017

1. Committee Meetings held on Wednesday and Thursday to allow more people to attended.

2. Sherline table fabricated: Thanks to John and Tim for making that happen. Jeremy donated .250” steel plate for top – saving Machine Shop $270. Rest of metal for table and other projects: fastener rack and precision pin and gauge blocks was about $250. Estimate another $100 is sheet stock needed. To complete those racks.

3. Sherline Lathe and Mill ordered and shipped on 5-11-2017, approximately $3,700. Includes $350 for DRO that Rich is donating so we’ll have two Sherline lathes.

4. Bantam lathe was sold for $350

5. Clausing Colchester now in service

6. Cold Saw vertical alignment adjusted for a more square 90 degree cuts – thanks Tim

7. Haas classes have resumed: thanks Walter and Nick.

8. New Bridgeport instructor will start teaching Day Maker & Regular classes. Also a member will teaching more advanced techniques on lathe. Another member will be teaching small project classes for hand fidget spinners made of brass and aluminum with ceramic bearings. 9. New Chair to be elected as David Kessinger is resigning due to conflict of being on BoD.

10. Incoming Chair should have about $1,200~$1,500.

/s/ David Kessinger,

   Chair Machine Shop