Machine Shop Committee Meeting 20191228

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Machine shop monthly meeting. 12/28/2019 17:00


  • Tim Bene; Chair
  • Randy Lisbona
  • Chris Marlow
  • Mike Glass
  • Malcolm Galland
  • Charles Procter; Vice Chair
  • Clayton Watkins
  • Mario Mendoza
  • Jim Hartnett
  • Bob Burford
  • Tim Black
  • Bob Karnaugh; Vice Chair
  • Nick Silva
  • Campbell Hyde

Noted items in the previous month.

A pair digital calipers was discovered in the metal shop, covered in fine metal filings.

The band saw bladed came off the saw, and was replaced.

The fire extinguisher for metal fires was found obstructed, the situation was resolved.

The situation of the ongoing CNC shereline lathe was discussed and the issue with the inability to log on to the controlling computer resolved.


The condition of the HAAS CNC mill was addressed, it was decided to replace the current coolant with a mixture of tap water and Microsol 585XT, by consensus. The decision on using treated water was deferred to permit discussion of the infrastructure implications of the options, coincident with the expansion. The consensus was that the protective block should be reinstalled on the HAAS bed. Discussions as to possible modifications to improve the cleanliness of the bed were extensive and inconclusive.

Malcolm Galland, having performed an inventory of drill bits in stock reported as follows.

Letter 5

Numbered 120

Fractional 23

Metric 31

It was noted that many sizes were missing and many of those present were damaged.

This situation was by consensus deemed unsatisfactory.

Voting in procurement

The committee voted unanimously to buy a complete index of cobalt drills (Item 1a) for machine shop use for approximately $190, and an index of cobalt fractional drills (Item 1b) to be situated at the drill press, for general use at a cost of approximately $60.

The Committee voted to buy a large drill bit with a shank compatible with the Colchester lathe tailstock (Item 2), to facilitate the use of the boring bar. The size left to the discretion of the chair. (research indicates a cost < $100.00.)

The committee has recently accepted donations including two milling machines similar to the existing Bridgeport. It was decided unanimously to buy collet sets (Item 3a) for each machine for a total cost of $500, and 1 Jacobs style drill chuck (Item 3b) for a price not to exceed $500.

The committee Voted unanimously to buy a power drawbar kit (Item 4) for the Newly acquired PASMA mill, at a cost of $1000. It was noted that there were problems with the Millport machine reported by the donor, these have yet to be evaluated and a decision on buying a power drawbar for it deferred.

Clarifications of rules

The dress code rule was clarified to state that no portion of the sleeve may be below the elbow, and that there was an absolute ban on the wearing of gloves. Gloves may not be worn for any reason during machine set-up, while running, or tear-down; even Nitrite or latex. Gloves may be worn during cleaning or maintenance or for material handling only. Unanimous vote

The issue of vice etiquette on the Bridgeport was addressed, It was decided by consensus get a set of sine keys for the Kurt DX6 crossover vice. To facilitate vice alignment on the Bridgeport. Inexpensive purchase, less than $70

The meeting was adjourned. 20:30