Machine Shop Committee Meeting 20200125

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Machine shop monthly meeting. 01/25/2020 17:05, Due to our reserved room(Lecture Hall) being Occupied


*Campbell Hyde
*Max Holthaus
*David Kessinger 
*Luke Andrastii
*Kevin Patel
*Randy Lisbona
*Thomas Fagan
*Calvin Stence 
*Malcolm Galland 
*Bob Karnaugh; Vice-Chair
*Art Givens
*Jack Smith
*John Wyatt
*Ross Wigington
*Charles Procter; Vice-Chair
*Chris Wischkowsky PIG-SIG Leader 
*Tim Bene; Chair

Noted items in the previous month.

Sherline CNC Post Completed -Charlie experienced post issue

* Issue appears to be resolved after the meeting.


-Haas coolant is now running clean, Concentrate is in optimal level.

-Tim changed o’rings on Coldsaw Vise Actuator. New hoses & fittings are on order to replace the old worn out leaking ones.

-Bandsaw is fine, need to order more blades.

-Sherline Mini lathe shroud broken

-Sherline Lathe carriage stop chewed up.


-Discussion about grinding HSS and how we don’t want to support the equipment

-Discussion of the Silver & Deming set went cheap set vs expensive set. I (Tim) had concerns over the blatant abuse of the last set, even though it was donated. Others had very similar sentiment.

-Discussion on whether donated bandsaw should go to Metalshop.

-Discussion on adding support to aluminum saw. Concerns over that if we made a minimum length rule that it would be difficult to enforce & thoughts that people would ignore rule. -Add better clamp/support to saw.

-Discussion on the CNC Lathe, on what pre-requisite is required before the class. Most agree that generic sherline lathe for pre-requisite. * Vote & more Discussion to be had on 2-22-2020 Meeting *

-Discussion on allow people to check out people on the HAAS. If you are signed off on the HAAS, then you can sign people off on the HAAS.

-Discussion for air line project next week next Sunday 2/2/20 at noon.

-Discussing HAAS draw bar tension.

-Calvin stirred up a bunch of shit.

-Discussed spindle marking on HAAS toolholder.

Voting in procurement

  • MOTION* *CALVIN STENCE* purchase 4 piece silver deming drill bit set for lathe & general use. This is a set that Calvin has a link to. Cost at time of vote was roughly $104. Calvin indicated his set has worked well for him.
  • MOTION PASSES* Unanimous
  • MOTION* *KEVIN PATEL* To buy diamond paste. Use of paste was to remove broken carbide from parts. Discussion was to just discard part, or break the carbide out.
  • MOTION* *KEVIN PATEL* To buy EDM Machine
  • MOTION* *DAVID KESSINGER* Buy taper cleaner.
  • MOTION PASSES* UNANIMOUS Cost is minimal, Less than $50

Clarifications of rules

No new rules this meeting

Other Voting Items

  • MOTION* *DAVID KESSINGER* To ask if metal shop is interested in donated horizontal bandsaw.

The meeting was adjourned. 18:57