Machine Shop Committee Meeting 20200222

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Machine shop monthly meeting. 02/22/2020 17:00


  • Campbell Hyde
  • Abitamim Bharmal
  • Eric Kemper
  • Charles Procter; Vice-Chair
  • Jim Finklea
  • David Kessinger
  • Justin Walker
  • Randy Lisbona
  • Bob Karnaugh; Vice Chair
  • Nick Silva
  • Max Holtaus
  • Tim Bene; Chair

Noted items in the previous month

General discussion over the past month in machine shop.

  • 2” air line was successfully installed & Machine Shop will commence our portion of air line on 2-29-2020
  • Our new Kurt drawbar has arrived for the Second Milling machine.


  • Bullnose live center for Colchester
  • More coolant concentrate
  • Tap Extractors
  • Taper cleaner for HAAS
  • Silver & Demming Drill set that was suggested by Calvin Stence
  • Sherline shroud that was previously broken

Maintenance items:

  • Cross slide on Colchester, Tim adjusted the major backlash out as it was approximately 3/16- 1/4” out of adjustment.
  • Calvin Stence adjusted the lead screws on the CNC Sherline
  • HAAS, Colchester & Cold saw coolant levels (concentration & PH) appear to be in good order.

New Business

Abitamim Bharmal is currently under age of 18. Under the current rules, he is not allowed to use the Large Milling machines & Lathes without direct supervision of a Parent or Guardian whom has undergone the same training. Abitamim addressed the committee to make an exception to the rule. Advised that his Father would be willing to take the class.

  • Motion: Allowing Abitamim to use the equipment as a 17 year old after his parent takes associated classes & asserts in writing to the current chair, that Abitamim is ready for independent usage.

Unanimously affirmed.

Discussion of T nut clamping for our various fixture devices. We were 100% unsure at the time of the vote of our sizes.

  • Motion: Allow up to 600$ for Fixturing/Clamping sets pending size verification after the meeting.

Unanimous affirmed

Further discussion:

Lathe shield for the Colchester is broken, we will order a replacement. No vote is needed as per break repair & safety device. Cost is not expected to be high either.

Drill Press Crank handle, Needs to be semi-permanently attached so that it will not become un-usable to raise & lower the head.

Evolution saw fence rigidity, Still needs to be addressed-After meeting we adjust the squareness of the fence but still needs allocations for better clamping.

Class Fees- Discussion that the free market will drive the demand for paid classes. This is particularly useful for the higher skilled classes, breakage & subsequent tool abuse should become less. Therefore the overall feeling is that the cost to the committee would be less in the long run on the higher skilled equipment.