Machine Shop Committee Meeting 20200425

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Virtual Machine shop monthly meeting. 04/25/2020 17:00


  • Paul Morely-Present after Chair Vote
  • Jim Hartnett
  • Chris Marlow
  • Charles Procter; Vice-Chair
  • David Kessinger
  • Bob Karnaugh; Vice Chair
  • Malcolm Galland
  • Tim Bene; Chair
  • David Busch

Chair Election

  • Current chair opened the floor for anyone whom cared to run for the Chair position. Tim is willing to serve as chair so as long as the Machine Shop Committee cares to have him as chair.

Vote, Unanimous approve. Rich Meyer gave me(Tim Bene) proxy for chair position with Malcolm as a witness.


  • The electricians are making great progress next door.
  • We have been allowed to prepare for the move. However, We can not take in a lot of volunteers to help in that operation. In addition, I have talked with the riggers. I got a hard quote from Able for 2600 to move the Machine Shop.


  • Able has in their quote to level the lathes in addition to the HAAS. This will require us to get pads for the Lathes to sit on to be leveled.

Motion- Procure pads to level the Lathes for a total not to exceed $600. Unanimously in favor.

New Rules

  • Pertaining to the Machine Shop Move, Motion: Machine Shop is closed until the Chair declares all or part of Machine Shop open. Specific example, as machines come available, Chair will allow the use of the machine that has become available to use. 8 for, 1 abstention, 0 against.

Adjourned at 17:55