Machine Shop Committee Meeting 20200829

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Virtual & Physical Machine shop monthly meeting. 08/29/2020 17:00


  • Chris Marlow-Virtual
  • Marcel Mclain
  • David Kessinger-Virtual
  • Charles Procter; Vice-Chair
  • Bob Karnaugh; Vice Chair
  • Liz Becker
  • Tim Bene; Chair
  • Mike Glass-Virtual
  • Max Holthaus-Virtual
  • Walker Evans
  • Julio Sumarriva
  • Beth Appleton


  • Sherline cabinets are in place, Tim Asks for volunteers to move the tools to the new cabinets.
  • CNC Sherline Lathe, Ask for a volunteer to help setup a class, class materials & teach the class.
  • Cold saw needs a regulator installed
  • Surface grinder, We ordered some parts for it. We did have to buy more than we actually needed due to the vendor minimum requirement of 50$
  • Last meeting it was brought up some intermittent issues with the colechester. We replaced the contactor, belts & adjusted the clutches. Only the shifter O-rings remain.
  • Shark is operating using the RFID, Malcolm fixed the software issue. Noted that if you are currently trained on the Colchester I will add you to the Shark AD when requested.
  • Bridgeport has a broken quill return spring, we ordered a replacement which arrive the day before.-We replaced the spring after the meeting.
  • Marcel made some spacers for the throat plate, to lock it in place. Also there is some vibration in the saw. Believe to be the upper CV pulley.
  • Charlie is in the process of making the tables for the shear & brake, the parts we approved last meeting has showed up.
  • Replace test indicator -Has been ordered & replaced.
  • Would like a small shelf/table for drawings & tools by the major equipment. 2x2 or so.


  • We will be ordering some replacement inserts for the Shell mill