Machine Shop Committee Meeting 20201024

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Machine shop monthly meeting. 10/24/2020 17:00


  • Tim Bene-Chair
  • Charlie Procter-Vice Chair
  • Bob Karnaugh-Vice Chair
  • Julio Sumarriva
  • Beth Appleton
  • Mario Mendez
  • Freddy Calvert
  • Paul Morley
  • Marcel McClain
  • Jeffrey Conner
  • Randy Lisbona
  • Chris Marlow
  • Calvin Stence
  • Thomas Fagan

Chair Vote

  • Opened the floor for anyone who would care to run for chair.
  • Tim Bene will run unopposed. Vote was unanimous for Tim Bene to continue as chair.
  • Tim asked that if Charlie Procter & Bob Karnaugh would remain as vice-chairs, which they agreed.


Needed items:

  • #2 center drills
  • Lighting

▪ Tim proposed gooseneck lighting

• Questions:

• Do we want the color spectrum to be towards the yellow or blue spectrum?

▪ Chris M recommends more diffused light sources

▪ Randy recommended 4' light bars over the lathe

• Calvin brought up Costco as a potential source for low-cost lighting. Calvin stated it worked extremely well in his garage

▪ Concerns over the lights being UL listed was brought-up - MUST BE UL LISTED AT THE SPACE!

▪ Chris M brought-up light sensitivity and the lighting sources need to be controllable

  • Way oil - We are low/out
  • Bench vise brought up:

▪ Proposal was dismissed due to the observation that it is a heavily used tool was found to be a random high-use situation. For the most part the vise is underutilized

Future Workday Tasks:

○ Stop clamp (part that stops the automatic motion) on the Colchester lathe

○ Clutch index plate, for the Colchester Lathe. Lever for engagement.

○ #26 & #27 O-Ring for the transmission, for the Colchester Lathe

○ Move less-frequently used items from the main tool cabinets to the short former Shereline cabinet

The demonstration separation wall is erected to show the desired appearance and stability

Machinery issues

○ Bandsaw

▪ Upper CV vibration is still present on the bandsaw

• The origins of the vibration are still unknown. Could be the Key or Pulley

▪ Leaving the old blade on the bandsaw until we fix the vibration issues

○ Shark Lathe

▪ Tooling is lacking

• Proposed tools

• Armstrong style holders to hold the carbide inserts

• CNMG inserts

• DO we have CNMG or are thy CNMG-like inserts

• Calvin Noted they are CNMG 432

• Amazon had Sandvik insert 10 packs for ~$80

• Sandvik tool holders for the shark (Assume $480 + $150 tools and inserts and shipping)

• Left ~$150

• Right ~$150

• Center ~$150

• 1" appears to use CN while the other uses SN (inserts??? Freddy and Tim know)

• Motion to buy the 3 (left, right, and center) + inserts NOT TO EXCEED $700 with shipping was UNANIMOUS (- Paul & Randy who had to leave early)

• Parting tool discussion tabled

• 3/16" X 1", 1/8"X 3/4" & 1/8"X 7/8", are our current parting blades • Tabled to dig-up more information

Meeting Adjourned to go look at the new safety barrier.