Machine Shop Committee Meeting 20201128

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Machine shop monthly meeting. 11/28/2020 17:00


  • Tim Bene-Chair
  • Charlie Procter-Vice Chair
  • Bob Karnaugh-Vice Chair
  • Julio Sumarriva
  • Beth Appleton
  • Preston Lav
  • Joshua Haden
  • Matthew Maduzia
  • Joshua Napier
  • Max Holthaus
  • Nick Silva- Virtual
  • Chris Marlow- Virtual
  • Chris Wischkowsky- Virtual
  • Kobin Craddick


  • Max would like to see a taper attachment, asked him to look into it to find one to bring into a meeting for us to discuss.
  • Check on chuck key for Clausing Drill press
  • Haas-Trainee's backed up due to lack of instructors. Access for Beaglebone still needs to be hashed out.
  • Re-Order splashguard for the Colchester- Tim was ordering right before the shutdown, but was asked to hold off on unnecessary expenses at the time.
  • Talked about the safety barrier.
  • Discussed the Robot Arm. The majority of consensus is that it was not practical due to the amount of work involved to get it running


  • Vote to allocate up to 1000$ to create the safety barrier to mimic the trial barrier. 13 for, 1 abstain. Motion passes.