Machine Shop Committee Meeting 20201226

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Machine shop monthly meeting. 12/26/2020 17:00


  • Tim Bene-Chair
  • Charlie Procter-Vice Chair
  • Bob Karnaugh-Vice Chair- Virtual
  • Max Holthaus
  • Beth Appleton
  • Bryan Shoe
  • David Busch- Virtual
  • Paul Morley
  • Joshua Napier
  • Jay Phelps
  • Chris Marlow


  • Tim discussed in person with the treasurer, along with Charlie about the Safety Partition & Shark tooling we voted on in the previous 2 meetings. Both were approved.


  • We’ve receiving new parting tools for the Colchester. We have the 3mm inserts which are the right size for the tool
  • The Shark is working fine, but could use a “back” so that it doesn’t spray the area behind it.
  • Bridgeport is okay.
  • Bandsaw still needs some attention.
  • Cold Saw is running ok
  • Sherlines are okay. We may need new parting blades for them as well.
  • HAAS is in good shape. Freddy had on the network as of 12/13/20
  • Discussion of splash-guards for the lathes. Both Shark & Colchester.
  • Discussion of enclosing the surface grinder to contain dust and spray. Do we need training for the surface grinders? Discussion that training should include setting up the wheels – dressing and balancing. Rather than exclude aluminum completely, people should know that they need to bring their own aluminum-specific wheels.
  • Jay discussed the current standing of the Shapeoko XL. Before we begin using it, it should have an enclosure and a dust boot to connect to the dust collector. We will need a person/s to build the enclosure and dust boot. Discussion prefers an acrylic enclosure. Chris requested that the interior of the enclosure be easy to clean. Tim said that we need to have a layout for the plastics area, and suggested that the Plastics SIG attend next month’s meeting to work on that. Discussion concluded that a new laptop/computer would not be necessary to go with the Shapeoko. People could bring their own laptops, and the computer that’s with the Sherlines will be configured so that it can also run the Shapeoko.
  • Chris asked about the status of the Sherline mill CNC. We decided that it had been contingent on getting the Sherline lathe CNC. We are close, but a class should be held on the CNC lathe first. Max will be working on a class soon.
  • We discussed that the current program to design in is Fusion360, which has reduced capability for the free program. Tim will discuss having a SolidWorks class with someone who had expressed an interest in teaching SolidWorks.


  • Motion that we allocate $400.00, not including taxes and shipping, to purchase splashguards for the lathes. Motion was seconded. Vote was unanimous: Motion passes
  • Motion that we buy 5 balancing rings for the surface grinder hubs. Proposed – $300, not including taxes and shipping. 10 for, 1 Abstain. Motion Passes
  • Motion to allocate $500 for parts to build the enclosure and dust collection system. Motion Seconded. 9 for, 2 Abstain. Motion Passes.