Machine Shop Committee Meeting 20210227

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Per minutes posted to Talk. Minutes were recorded by Thomas Fagan



  • Tim Bene
  • Charlie Procter
  • Paul Morley
  • Bob Karnaugh
  • Randy Lisbona
  • Thomas Fagan
  • Max Holthaus
  • Jason Hunt
  • David Kessinger
  • Christian Duessel
  • Brian Shoe

On-Call Attendees:

  • Chris Marlow
  • Malcolm
  • Bud Farnham
  • Rich Meyer

Action Items

(Tim B, 03/05/2021) Shapeoko - Send the case drawing and vacuum design to Thomas


Is everyone getting what they need in the machine shop

  • The 'lil brake and shear are they functional
    • It isn’t bolted down etc
    • Charlie stated that he has hardware
    • 24"
    • About 16ga capacity
  • Question about the Shark’s DRO accuracy
    • Put a dial gauge on the it and move it in and out

Machine shop was victim of an accounting error

  • It accidentally took the stipend out instead of adding it in

Machine shop is getting an increase in the allowance from $500 to $550

  • Charles is watching it and the board/accounting group is aware of the error

Notes on stipends for classes ETC

  • If the money is collected on the calendar system it can't be credited directly to the Machine Shop
    • If the money is collected for consumables etc in a box or via square etc it goes directly to the Machine shop
    • Payment due in class VIA CASH is the best way
    • Who buys material for classes?


  • Shapeoko need to be put in a case
    • Tim has a drawing
    • The expenditure was (previously) approved

CNC Sherline Lathe

  • Max offered to teach a teach the teachers on the CNC Sherline Lathe
  • Post processor reads in by inches/minute
  • Max fixed the post processor to write the appropriate G-Code
  • The tool itself is having issues with interpreting the G-Code the post process
  • Question regarding the constant surface feed

Max has offered access to his heat treating oven

  • Likely a max of 2000F, Brick is related to 2300F
  • Size
  • It is has a PID controller now
  • Indoor is restricted to water quenches…..Fire code and indoors stuff

Conversations about heat treating

Random work etc

  • Thomas working on the HAAS
  • Max is working on the CNC Sherline Lathe
  • Things that were purchased
    • More no-spill cups

We need to make signs/stickers for the no-spill cups

  • Caps are different colors
  • One for threading oil one for cutting fluid

We need to stabilize the evolution (saw)

  • It needs floor tie-downs