Machine Shop Committee Meeting 20210424

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Machine Shop Committee Meeting 04/24/2021

Attendance, votes, and action items are documented here.



  • Tim Bene
  • Charlie Procter
  • Bob Karnaugh
  • Max Holthaus
  • Art Givens
  • Mike Glass
  • Larry Tippit
  • Sid Lainez
  • Marcel McClain

On-Call Attendees:

  • Chris Marlow


Tim asked if there were anyone interested in being chair, nobody wanted to run as chair. General discussion on what a chair does for the committee.
4 jaw backplate is about as expensive as a used 4 jaw chuck for the Shark. Therefore buying a used 4 jaw chuck is still the plan.

Drill bits in one index were missing quite a few, the cost of a new index was about 160$ vs 73$ for the replacement bits. Is noted that this is the cheaper set.
We are still on hold from Sherline for the treading/grooving tool to come back into stock.

Tim will look into the prior minutes to see if we approved a gear arbor
Tim will get a 5C step collet so a tipping wheel can be made for the bead roller.
Charlie detected a 216$ accounting error that has pressed for a resolution.
Ask the committee to look for small (2x3) work tables to place by the machines to place members work.


  • Call for vote for chair, Tim Bene was the only candidate. Vote was Unanimous