Machine Shop Committee Meeting 20210626

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Machine Shop Committee Meeting 06/26/2021
5:00 PM



  • Tim Bene
  • Charlie Procter
  • Paul Morley
  • Bob Karnaugh
  • Nick Silva
  • Art Givens
  • Chris Marlow
  • Nathan Sanders
  • Thomas Fagan
  • Malcolm Galland
  • Max Holthaus
  • David Kessinger
  • Richard Anderson
  • Chuck
  • Jeremy Bluba (sorry I massacred the spelling)
  • Shay Galland

On-Call Attendees:

  • Paul Morley

Action Items:



Nathan brought up desire to be trained on the HAAS. He has taken the class twice before. He trains people to use CNC at Purdue

HAAS CAM software updates

  • MasterCAM - Perpetual license is $6k
    • EDU license - We violate the "can't make money on anything except teaching" verbiage
  • OneCNC
    • Not interested in an EDU software
    • They have a perpetual license available
    • 4 tier software
    • Randy Lisbona offered to have one of their machinists give us a demo of the OneCNC

Max put the new chip guards on the lathes

Max taught the first Sherline CNC Lathe class

  • The class ran over
  • The consensus was it ran over due to the part being machined
  • The part was chosen to make sure a tool change was demonstrated

Nick taught the first plastic Shapeoko XXL

  • Nick suggests we proceed without the dust enclosure

Shapeoko enclosure

  • Quote with all the bells and whistles came in at $1200 (Using 8020's extrusion)
  • The extrusion parts were similar in cost to the using aluminum sq tubing 1/8"
  • Conversation regarding chasing the mill with a vacuum until the enclosure is done
  • Is a dust shoe ok while we are working the enclosure issue

Motion and vote: Motion to put the Shapeoko XXL in service and study the dust with approved materials without the enclosure 13 attendees approved the motion

Spoil board damage prevention:

  • Chris proposed a rule to require users doing through cuts to use their own spoil board
  • Thomas proposes every user uses their own spoil board regardless of their cut
  • Concerns raised based on fixturing and t-track integration
  • Concerns raised based on spoil boards will cut into the limited height
  • "All users SHALL use their own spoil board", exception for engraving

Motion and Vote: Motion that all users shall provide and use their own spoil board except in the case of engraving, in which case, if you damage the spoil board you pay damages, as deemed by the machine shop chair. Passed Unanimously.

Machine shop is discouraging the use of the door between plastics and machine shop

  • The plans were approved by the city with the door being locked and un-useable
  • The machine shop team is removing the tape indicating a walk way
  • The machine shop team is moving a table to block the door

Plastic ultrasonic welder

  • The donor has passed and can't instruct us on how to use it
  • Nick is going to investigate its use

Vacuum former

  • There is no styrene available for teaching the class
  • Nick states it shouldn't require a class
  • Nick proposes to teach it as a demonstration due to its simplicity
  • We need to print a QR sticker and make it a self-study
  • The tools section still has the vacuum former on the 3D team's roster

Motion and Vote: Plastic's Tool expenditure motion (2nd hand info) Motion for a Not To Exceed $600 expenditure for plastic's tooling passed unanimously (13 remaining members)