Machine Shop Committee Meeting 20210724

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Machine Shop Committee Meeting 07/24/2021
5:00 PM


  • Tim Bene
  • Jim Kreter
  • Malcolm Galland
  • Shay Galland
  • Pierre Alkubeh
  • Jacob Long
  • Randy Lisbona
  • Charles Procter
  • Marcel Mcclain
  • M. Mansoor Gilani
  • Chuck Graf
  • Art Givens
  • David Steele
  • Beth Appleton
  • Tim Black
  • Chris Marlow
  • Gustavo Tristan
  • Bob Karnaugh
  • Jeremy Blubaugh
  • Tails Harnett
  • Grant Hobbs
  • Nick Silva (via call in)

New items to note

● Broken handle on Bridgeport needs replacing

● Tails working on cleaning and replacing ball bearings for the bridgeport attachment head

Future of the Machine Shop:

● Potential to get a used wire edm machine for ~$500 ○ Considerations ■ Very slow machine ■ We don’t know a lot about it yet, still lots of questions ○ What is the maintenance? ■ As long as the water gets topped off should be fine? ■ What do we do with the waste? ○ Where would it go? ■ Footprint? Unknown ○ What are the power requirements? ■ 30-50A probably, TBD ■ Likely not 110V ○ Safety? ■ Classes required? ● Yes ■ What are the catastrophic failure modes? ● Does it have locks when in use?

● Malcolm would like to see

○ a CNC lathe ○ a 3 axis CNC that is a step down from the HAAS to make an easy stepping stone up to the HAAS.

● What about Sherline CNC lathe? ○ Lots of issues, basically a toy. ○ Not really good for serious precision work.

○ Nick & Tails would be in favor of a Tormach ■ All use same control head software, universally ○ Chris Marlow likes the idea of a lathe/mill combo. We don’t currently have one.

● Art Wants one common software for all machines, if possible

● Nick would like a: ○ Rollin Bandsaw - gravity fed bandsaw ■ Need to look at the donated bandsaw we do have, but the Rollin bandsaw would allow for different functionality

○ Metal fiber laser ■ What is status of donated one in Metal shop? ● Waiting on power and space. ○ Metal shop can’t expand until laser moves ● As far as we’re aware its functional ● Will need a new table - could build ourselves (from a kit) or buy one, but would still be cheaper than a whole new one ● Needs box built around it

● Tim would like to see a cnc mill turn machine ○ Fill the need for cnc lathe while having more capability ○ Or, pie in the sky a 6-axis would be great

● Tails suggested we reach out to the major vendors of CNC mills/lathes to discuss donations, such as:

○ HAAS ○ Tormach ○ DMG Mori

Let’s talk Software!

● Randy reached out to OneCNC

● Malcolm reached out to Mastercam, who has completely turned around and changed their pricing

○ Will give educational discount

○ $300 per perpetual license

○ $120/year for maintenance (optional)

○ Also have a floating license option for $320

○ Have written up a quote for 5 floating licenses and 1 fixed license.

■ Will need to look at if that includes sheet metal and wire edm functionality ○ Can it be used for commercial machining? ■ One answer is yes. ■ One answer is no.

○ Home edition can be used for design if the floating licenses cannot be accessed. Instructions will need to be put on the Wiki to instruct people how to deal with that.

○ Mastercam University (free) hundreds of hours of video on how to use their software.

Voting on software

● Shay makes motion to request funding for the Mastercam quote for 1 fixed (for the HAAS computer) and 5 floating licenses ($1900) from the treasurer or board (as necessary). ○ Seconded by Tails ○ For: 14 ○ Against: 0 ○ Abstaining: 5 ○ Motion Carries.

Additional business: ● Machine shop needs to make Tails aware of info on any equipment that will be sold in the auction. Looking for a volunteer


○ Need some safety protocols for table saw and router.

○ Need ideas on plastics

○ Need teacher volunteers

○ Nick will put up another XXL class soon

○ Wood expressly forbidden

■ Including plastic/wood hybrids

■ Needs signage

■ Potentially needs a lock-out

● Tim refused a cincinnati CNC mill

○ Needs a LOT of work.

○ Nobody wants to do the work.

○ Chris Marlow moves that the committee decline the donation of the cincinnati cnc

■ Second by charles

● For: unanimous ● Against: na ● Abstain: na

Meeting adjurned