Machine Shop Committee Meeting 20220122

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Machine Shop Committee Meeting 01/22/2022
5:00 PM



  • Tim Bene
  • Thomas Fagan
  • Charlie Procter
  • Max Holthaus
  • Bob Karnaugh
  • Nick Silva
  • Art Givens
  • Pierre Alkubeh
  • Jim Kreter
  • Randy Lisbona
  • Bill Konersman
  • Captain
  • Jose Robles
  • Daniel Thompson
  • Jack Smith
  • McFly Dallas
  • Brian C
  • Nate Delp

On-Call Attendees:

  • David Kessinger
  • Chris Marlow


Attendee / Proxy For: N/A

Action Items:

  • (Thomas, 01/28/22) HAAS - Work with Tim and Art to get a HAAS order placed
    • X-Axis home switch
    • Way wipers
    • DTE25

Review Prior Action Items:

  • N/A

Upcoming class commitments (and needs/carry-overs):

  • N/A

Tool Issues:

  1. Clausing drill press
    1. Drill bits are locked up until the Clausing chuck situation is fixed
    2. Someone bent the morse taper
  2. Albrecht chucks were taken apart (01/14/22)
    1. When they were taken apart it was observed the ball bearings are trashed
    2. New ball bearings and collars were ordered.....apparently we have the old style and the new ones are different
    3. 1 set of new jaws were ordered
  3. HAAS
    1. Thomas proposes purchasing HAAS axis repair items NOT TO EXCEED $500:
      1. X-Axis Home switch
      2. Way wipers
      3. DTE25 for the spindle
    2. Max seconded
    3. VOTE was unanimously to approve
    4. Notes on the HAAS issues:
      1. X-Axis home issue, same as the y-axis did before we replaced the sensor
      2. Leaking....Believe it is the Y-Axis wiper on the sides
      3. X-Axis noise
      4. Riffles need to be emptied
    5. Thomas, Pierre, and Jim volunteered to work the HAAS issues
      1. Thomas, Pierre, and Jim volunteered to work the HAAS issues
      2. Thomas has an email in to HAAS for part numbers
  4. Bridgeport
    1. Volstro is missing parts and needs attention
    2. New belt arrived 01/21/22 for the HAAS drive
    3. New draw bar was ordered and is here
  5. Bandsaw
  6. Cold saw (Kalamazoo)
    1. Proposal to order new blades $175/each
      1. There were 2 blades - 32mm bore to match the 32mm spindle - (220, 180)
    2. Proposal seconded by Max
    3. VOTE Passed Unanimous
  7. Sherlines
    1. Order a new belts as we have consumed the last belt
  8. Tormach
    1. Tailstock doesn't feel like it locks down like it should
    2. 1/64" - 1/2" stubbies were bought for the Tormach

For Purchase:

  • HAAS
    • X-Axis home sensor
    • Way wiper replacements
    • DTE25
  • Kalamazoo cold saw blades
  • Mills


  • Machine Shop balance ...
    • $6500 Machine Shop balance (We are down two months of allowance)
    • $25xx on Mastercam
  • Thomas proposes adding air drops to the manual tools
    • Jim Kreter and Randy stated it is a bad idea from a tool maintenance - Chips getting packed into tools inner workings
    • Charlie seconds it
    • Thomas retracts his proposal
  • Mastercam Status
    • Computer (for next to the HAAS)
      • The computer is being ordered by Infrastructure and has been ordered
    • Nick taught a class on 01/22/2022
  • Thomas brought up cleanliness
    • Thomas requested that active machine shop users encourage DMS members using the machine shop clean up after themselves
  • Randy brought up lighting
    • Max/Tim stated we want to bring the lighting down (i.e., lower the fixtures)
    • Charlie stated the Kalamazoo needs lighting and it needs to come from behind the user
  • Thomas look at the options for vacuum hoses/atachments
    • Thomas was completely non-committal on doing it, but he wants accessories and something to beat the non-cleaners with.....So it will likely get done.
  • Daniel Thompson wants to build a cylindrical surface grinding attachment
    • Daniel needs to talk to Paul about the surface grinding
  • Tormach
  • Colchester Lathe
    • Tim brought-up a DRO was approved for the Colchester and never acquired
    • The committee approved $750
  • Drill press
    • The chuck seems to be wobbling
    • That and poor drilling practices is leading to failed drills


  • See items 3.1-3.3 and 6.1-6.3 in Tool Issues above.

Meeting adjourned 18:20