Machine Shop Committee Meeting 20220423

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Machine Shop Committee Meeting 04/23/2022
5:00 PM



  • Tim Bene
  • Jay Phelps
  • Nick Silva
  • Art Givens
  • Paul Morely
  • Max Holthaus
  • Bob Karnaugh
  • Jim Keter
  • Charlie Procter

On-Call Attendees:

  • None


Attendee / Proxy For: Tim Been / David Kessinger Nick Silva / Chris Marlow

Action Items:

  • Election of Committee Chair
    • Tim Bene ran uncontested and won by acclamation
    • Vice Chair's appointed Charlie and Bob, both accepted
  • Haas way covers and X-Axis home switch need to be replaced - parts are in house; awaiting scheduling
  • Evolution saw has been returned to the space; it is a slightly different model (new unit - old was under warranty)
    • Needs to be modified, mounted and placed back in service
  • Bridgeport motor core credit received back
  • New Shop lights have come in
    • light-to-light extensions are very short (too short) - need extensions or we'll need to expand them ourselves - Tim has emailed them for suggestions/options

Review Prior Action Items:


Upcoming class commitments (and needs/carry-overs):

  • Should we purge old non-members from the Quiz Pass AD? Yes, Tim did so
  • Nick had some class updates
    • Looking to start Master Cam classes
    • Looking at more Tormach class
    • Looking at Teach-the-Teacher for HAAS
  • Commitments
    • Nick teaching Tormach class and Master Cam classes in May.
    • Nick teaching HaaS class in June. Will include Max as a teach-the-teacher so that he can teach Haas in the future
    • Jay teaching Shapeoko 3 once per month
    • Max and Bob are doing checkouts on demand for Lathe and Mill

Tool Issues:

  • Cold saw - short on fluid, may need bleeding (possible effect is the blade not descending fully on cuts)
  • Shark Lathe
    • Power feed switching lever that chooses cross slide or main is sticky
    • Ways are sticky - may need more use or some issue with the oiler
    • Needs further review
  • Shapekok 3 XXL
    • Had an adjustment issue on Z where we had a lot of movement - fixed
    • We need an enclosure - this would open up cutting metal, carbon fiber, etc.
    • Build vs buy discussed - buy would seem to be much cheaper and faster
    • TODO: Team will take measurements and look into sourcing options and availability
  • Shop vac needs new hose

For Purchase:

  • $1568 Machine Shop balance (possible accounting issues)


  • We need new drill bits - new ones have arrived and have been set out
  • We have a Drill Doctor somewhere - may be of use and Paul is willing to show folks how to use it
  • Can we get a new or used hardness for steel alloys tester? More advanced than files - TBD
  • Latest MSC probe order due in next week
  • Tim ran the floor cleaner in Machine Shop - not dramatic but is positive
  • Master Cam – not yet installed – we need Infrastructure to order a new PC that will support it
  • Master Cam is continuing to offer the Titans of CNC deal for $169 per year


  • Committee Chair Election. see previous notes

Meeting adjourned