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Use Beaglebone Black and EM4001 RFID reader to log and lock-out the HAAS mill based on DMS badge #.

Authorized badges will be entered manually, due to low volume of authorized users, but system will eventually support interconnect with other DMS systems to centralize this in the future.

Information / Procedures

  • The BBB static address is (haas-vf-2.dms.local)
  • User "rfid" runs the control program
  • Admins must establish an SSH session to add/remove authorized users
    • Commands:
      • SSH [[1]] where ‘rfid’ is the username
      • enter password
      • List directory contents: "ls" Unix/Mac "dir" Windows
        • disabled_init_d
        • old_tags.db
        • rfid_access.service
        • rfid_ntpdate.service
        • rfid_access.log
        • rfid_auth_tags.db
      • Run "perl" for usage
        • usage: (add/del/list) [hex tag ID] [username first_last]
          • Insert rfid tag with 2 leading zeros
          • The script will convert the rfid tag to hex
            • Example command: perl " add 00555555 first_last"
        • After the command succeeds, run the 'list' command to make sure the new user was added successfully.
          • perl list

Log of work

  • 09/01/2015
    • Zach M. & Bryan G.
      • Meeting @5:30pm to discuss initial implementation and attempt quick proof-of-concept by reading badges
  • 09/10/2015
    • Zach M.
      • Reader confirmed working with text output at 9600-8-N-1
  • 09/23/2015
    • Zach M. & Bryan G.
      • Makeshift "control cape" with control relay shown off, still need to get 2mm to .1" adapter PCB constructed
      • Pictures inside HAAS control box of connector and mounting location
        • Haas mounting place.jpg Haas start stop connector.jpg
      • Propose that we use a generic switching power module to provide 5VDC from 1-phase of input power
      • Need to buy: START/STOP connectors
      • Need to create: START/STOP harness which tees off to the BBB control cape, mounting plate from HAAS mounting holes to BBB mounting holes, new swing arm end-cap with provision to mount RFID reader PCB, beeper, and R/Y/G LEDs
  • 11/4/2015
    • Zach M. & Bryan G.
      • Determined which wires go to the START/STOP buttons
        • START is N-O, STOP is N-C
      • Found Molex connector to mate with HAAS PCB
      • Bryan to make mounting/adapter plate for BBB mounted in HAAS control enclosure
      • Zach to update CAD file for swing arm end-cap to hold RFID module
  • 11/9/2015
    • Zach M.
      • Purchased qty 10 of Molex locking header at Altex for $4.87
      • Altex didn't have the 22-01-2055 "other side", but Mouser does. Order going in today.
  • 11/15/2015
    • Bryan G.
      • Completed first-pass end-cap model for 3D printer
  • 12/11/2015
    • Bryan G.
      • Final end-cap printed and installed on HAAS swing arm
  • 01/02/2016
    • Zach M.
      • Wiring in HAAS cabinet and swing-arm started
        • BBB and control daughter-board installed
          • Haas bbb mounted in cabinet.jpg Haas bbb daughterboard.jpg
        • New 10-conductor cable pulled down swing arm and terminated on both ends with Molex 12-position connector
        • RFID reader PCB w/ LEDs and beeper installed in swing-arm end
          • Haas swinarm endcap.jpg
      • Initial testing
        • Green LED and relay closure verified after authorized tag read
        • Red LED remains lit and no relay closure after non-authorized tag read
      • Remaining work
        • Create and install harness to hijack ON/OFF cable (in progress)
        • Terminate network RJ-45 and attach to BBB for remote access
        • Wire in switching PSU for BBB 5V supply
  • 01/04/2016
    • Zach M.
      • Brooks terminated and tested the RJ-45 network drop. Connectivity verified.
      • Completed wiring for ON/OFF cable
      • First successful test of RFID control w/ Zach & Bryan's cards!!!

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