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About this page:

  • Any machine shop committee member may complete tasks not adopted by a specific person.
  • If you would like to help out on a task adopted by someone else, contact that person to coordinate with their efforts.
  • If a task requires expenditures, contact the Machine Shop Committee chairperson and get approval before starting on it.
  • If you start working on a task, please add your name to it so others know it is under way.
  • Once a task has been completed, move it to the Completed section.
  • If there are additional tasks you'd like done add them to the Outstanding tasks section.


Supplies/Replacement Tooling

On the c0-ax indicater the outide diameter tool chipped off. The small peice that looks like an L bit. The "curved feeler"

Equipment Acquisition

  • CNC Lathe (such as HAAS ST-10)
  • English Wheel
  • Planishing Hammer
  • Sheet Metal Roll
  • Sheet Metal Press Brake
  • Sheet Metal Shear
  • For HAAS VF-2
  • For Colchester Bantam 2000
    • Left hand turning tool holder
    • Lathe stop
    • DRO
    • Follow rest
    • Steady rest
  • For Bridgeport Series I
    • Power feed for Y and Z-axis
    • Right-angle adapter
    • 5C Collet block set
    • Various size angle plates, webbed style for machining set-ups
  • Aluminum deburring wheel for polisher
  • Buffing wheel(s) for polisher
  • Buffing rouge
  • Metric tap & die set
  • Several sacrificial tooling plates for milling thin (< 0.125" stock on the Bridgeport), MDF is probably the most cost effective material for this, but standard aluminum stock could be used as well.
  • High-Def surveillance camera
  • Metrology tools
    • 0-1" tenths reading micrometer with standard (Fowler, SPI)
    • 1-2" tenths reading micrometer with standard (Fowler, SPI)
    • 2-3" tenths reading micrometer with standard (Fowler, SPI)
    • 3-4" tenths reading micrometer with standard (Fowler, SPI)
    • 4-5" tenths reading micrometer with standard (Fowler, SPI)
    • 5-6" tenths reading micrometer with standard (Fowler, SPI)
    • 0-25mm micrometer, 0.001mm readout (Fowler, SPI)
    • 25mm-50mm micrometer, 0.001mm readout (Fowler, SPI)
    • 50mm-75mm micrometer, 0.001mm readout (Fowler, SPI)
    • 75mm-100mm micrometer, 0.001mm readout (Fowler, SPI)
    • 100mm-150mm micrometer, 0.001mm readout (Fowler, SPI)
    • Ball hole gauge (half ball style)
    • Depth gauge micrometer
  • Layout/setup tools
    • Decent quality 6" engineers square
    • 12" (5R Style) flexible scale
    • Optical center punch
    • Precision angle plate
    • Surface plate
  • Hand Tools (Craftsman)
    • 5/32 1/4 drive 12pt shallow socket
    • 1/2 drive 6pt shallow & deep socket sets
    • 1/2 drive extensions

Equipment Disposal


  • Create drawer organizers for tools
    • Wrenches (red tool box)
    • Vise Handle/Caliper/Allen Wrench Sets (black tool box top drawer)
    • Bit Sets/1-2-3 Blocks (black tool box second drawer)
  • Create "Rules" signs


  • Bridgeport Series 1
    • Modify the 5C Spin Indexer to allow for direct indexing when cutting gears (Walter Anderson)
  • HAAS VF-2
    • Create better solution for collecting oil/coolant from drain in back of HAAS
    • Install thread inserts in HAAS sub-plate
    • Replace counter-weight chains (If they break, it'll smash the Y-Axis motor, a $2K-$3K repair)
  • Replace cable to polisher (there is 10-3 cord on the committee shelf)
  • Add power box to the front of the Pantograph.


Equipment Acquisition

Equipment Disposal


Work Day Tasks


  • Make list of missing equipment
  • Find places for equipment and label
  • Get shelves?
  • Put arbor press on stand and set in place
  • Sort bolts


  • Address duct lift "problems"
    • Tighten nut
    • Remove or modify extensions
  • New plug on small shop vac
  • Granite Table
  • HAAS
    • Reseal Enclosure
      • Caulk seams
    • Fix Shuttle
    • Fix Door
    • Check Limit Switches
    • Check sliding (lube?)