Machine Shop committee meeting 20211023

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Machine Shop Committee Meeting 10/23/2021
5:00 PM



  • Tim Bene
  • Charlie Procter
  • Nick Silva
  • Art Givens
  • Tails Hartnett
  • Paul Cinak
  • Tim Barnhill
  • Thomas Fagan
  • Malcolm Galland
  • Max Holthaus
  • Dave Kessinger
  • Shay Galland
  • Malcolm Galland
  • Jim Kreter
  • Jay Phelps

On-Call Attendees:

  • Paul Morley
  • Chris Marlow


Attendee..........Proxy for
Tim Bene..........Bob Karnaugh
Tails Hartnett....Chris Marlow
Charlie Procter...Randy Lisbona

Action Items:

  • (Thomas) HAAS - Find and order a Y-Limit switch for the HAAS - Completed post meeting; it is also installed and the HAAS is back up
  • (Tails) Granite table - Provide ideas for making the surface cover easily removable and making it accessible by all 3 sides
  • (Shay) Adding a post on talk to get a list of machine shop for a list of tools in the machine shop - Completed post meeting
  • (Max) take pics of the tools in the machine shop and post to Shay's Wiki
  • (Someone) Reach out to Beth to determine the location of the engraver and the timeframe it needs to be removed


Workday 10/23/2021 was successful
12 attendees working on stuff

What got worked on:
1) HAAS - Currently out of service at the time of the meeting - Replaced after Monday and the system was brought up

  • Y-Switch is non-responsive
    • This was being addressed as post power-ups there was sporadically a 0.23" offset present
    • Thomas calling HAAS for availability Monday
  • On/Off Handle needs to be replaced
  • Replacing the sliding side-doors crack in the doors TBD
    • Get Lexan - Impact Resistant

2) Bridgeport - In-Service and functional

  • Quill spring adjustment - Max
  • Quill power feed - Charlie, Paul, and Max
    • 3-Speed changer

3) Shark - In service and functional

  • Disassembled / lubricated / stoned the gibb on the cross slide - Malcolm
  • 1 gallon of DTE 24 - Jim and Brad

4) Colchester - out of service

  • Cross slide lost a gibb - Jim K looking for it monday
  • Less than a qt drained from the gearbox - Jim K will find the missing quarts monday
  • Oring for the gearbox needed - addressing it Monday

5) Sherline light hanging - Chris Marlow

6) Wiki was updated for the PIG Sig - Shay Galland (Chair Hopeful for April 2022)

7) 1 panel was hung 1 is left -

8) PIG Dust collector was worked on - 30uF cap will be obtained by Tim Bene

Concern raised that a tour conducted the morning of 10/23/2021

  • Comment was there are a lot of 1-on-1 training courses don't show up on the course schedule

Push for classes

  • Thomas requested that is a subject matter expert on SolidWorks teaches a Key esc
    • Paul Cihak is willing to teach a class
  • Tim Barnhill is willing to teach MasterCam
    • Tim has years of experience
  • Upcoming classes:
    • Nick
      • 1 Shapeoko class
        • Shapeoko class to make a pen display
      • Tormach class "dry run" class in early November
    • David Kessinger
      • 2 Bridgeport classes in November
    • Max
      • Committed to a Lathe class in November
    • Jay Phelps
      • 1 Shapeoko class
    • Tails
      • Working on the Moodle on Sunday 10/24/2021
  • POST MEETING CLASSES HELD By David Kessinger and Max
    • Paul Cihak and Tim Barnhill trained on the Manual Mills and Manual Lathes

Status of MasterCam Purchase

  • Infrastructure is purchasing it
  • Nick and Malcolm are teaching the classes
  • Purchasing 4 floating licenses
  • Purchasing 1 license for the HAAS computer
  • The board added 2 additional licenses

Machine shop budget surplus $10162.68

Tails proposed a cover for the surface plate and adding a vice with soft-jaws to the side for assembly/disassembly and a plastic/teflon dish for cleaning. Nick is against the idea of hinging the

David K proposed locating the surface plate tools near the surface plate

Machine shop needs/requests

  • Bob K mentioned that we need a tap handle for smaller taps
  • Need a tap handle for size 4-40 taps and

Colchester Lathe

  • Tim brought-up a DRO was approved for the Colchester and never acquired
  • The committee approved $750

Meeting adjourned


  • Chair Vote
    • David Kessinger moved to vote on the new chair; Thomas Seconded
    • Tim Bene was voted chair unanimously