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Machine Shop Committee Meeting 11/27/2021
5:00 PM



  • Tim Bene
  • Charlie Procter
  • Paul Morley
  • Bob Karnaugh
  • Nick Silva
  • Art Givens
  • Thomas Fagan
  • Max Holthaus
  • Bill Konersman

On-Call Attendees:

  • Chris Marlow


Attendee / Proxy For: N/A

Action Items:

  • (Thomas, 12/17/2021) HAAS - Re-adjust encoder counts for Y-Axis
  • (Tim) Drill Bits
    • Ordering the Vortex drill bits - consumables
    • Ordering the lettered bits

Upcoming class commitments (and needs/carry-overs):

  • MasterCam - Nick is prepping a MasterCam class - Est January?

Tool Issues:

  • Colchester - shear pin broken
  • Shark we believe is OK
    • Mike Glass mentioned an oil leak
    • Thomas told mike 11/26 that it was the coolant running off the cross cut slide
  • Bridgeport
    • Volster is missing parts and needs attention
    • Bridgeport is making a noise
      • Mike Glass brought up a noise on the bridgeport
      • Thomas stated the noise was the same as it's been for over a year
      • Max commented it is the mid-low speed of high-speed
  • Bandsaw
    • The speed was cranked up while in the aluminum setting
    • It just wouldn't catch while in the aluminum setting at that speed
  • Cold saws
    • Aluminum cold saw blade is fine
    • Steel had its blade changed a few weeks ago
  • Sherlines
    • Chris Marlow stated they seem ok
  • Tormach
    • Leaks horribly
    • Casting to sheet metal variation, etc.
    • Max looking for caulk

For Purchase:

  • Microsol 585XT
  • Way Oil
  • Parting inserts
  • Lathe inserts
  • Stubby drills (Nick - Tormach)
  • ER16 Collet collar for drills (Nick - Tormach)
  • ER16 Collets for the Tormach specifically


  • $7400 Machine Shop balance (Was $10K last month)
    • $25xx on Mastercam
  • Tormach
    • Tim has been running the Tormach
      • Running the dogs on the tool 4hrs 28 dogs run
    • Max mentioned the profiling path would state the cutter would gouge even through Max could clearly verify it wouldn't gouge
    • Max stated it will cut steel
      • 5 thou per pass
  • Colchester Lathe
    • Tim brought-up a DRO was approved for the Colchester and never acquired
    • The committee approved $750
  • Drill press
    • The chuck seems to be wobbling
    • That and poor drilling practices is leading to failed drills
  • Drill bits
    • Randy's suggestion of 3 flatted bits are difficult to find
    • Vortex
      • About $200 for a set of 29
      • Only available in fractionals
  • Should the machine shop offer the Tormach back to James as he is no longer a member
    • This has been discussed with the board un-officially and they stated it was a donation and has already become an asset
  • The big blue rotary base on the mill is missing
    • It has been gone for at least 3 weeks
    • Rotary Base found after the meeting in the cabinet
  • We need more cameras
    • There has been a rash of missing things from the machine shop
      • The blue rotary base (subsequently found)
      • The balancing mandrel that use to reside on the top of the cabinet and has been gone for at least a month
  • Lighting needs for the machine shop
    • Paul is going to take lux readings for the machine shop readings
  • Paul showed his refurbished Kurt D6 Vise

Meeting Adjourned


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Meeting adjourned