Machine Shop committee meeting 20211218

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Machine Shop Committee Meeting 12/18/2021
5:00 PM



  • Tim Bene
  • Charlie Procter
  • Bob Karnaugh
  • Julio Sumarriva
  • Jay Phelps

On-Call Attendees:

  • Chris Marlow
  • Nick Silva
  • Randy Lisbona


Attendee / Proxy For: N/A

Action Items:

  • (Tim) Drill Bits - deferred until January and likely to purchase individual indexes

Upcoming class commitments (and needs/carry-overs):

  • Nick will be teaching inaugural Master Cam class in January 2022

Tool Issues:

  • Bridgeport - top item to repair - root cause yet to be determined
    • Costs to repair should not require a vote
  • Pig Sig Bandsaw - needs further investigation - blade is correct but not tensioning properly
  • Vac Former has a sign on it about a piece of plastic falling into it - impact unknown
  • Colchester speed cowling is lose
  • Bandsaw - May need a new blade - needs to be checked
  • Tormach -

For Purchase:

  • No major purchases planned this month
  • Machine Shop balance is unclear due to reporting issues but it's estimated to be down by $2,000 and approximately $5,400.


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Meeting adjourned