Machine shop committee meeting 20210925

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Machine Shop Committee Meeting 09/25/2021
5:00 PM



  • Tim Bene
  • Paul Morley
  • Bob Karnaugh
  • Nick Silva
  • Art Givens
  • Kevin Braby
  • Tails Hartnett
  • Malcolm Galland
  • Shay Galland
  • Max Holthaus
  • Bud Farnham
  • Grant Hobbs
  • Ray (illegible script)
  • Thomas Fagan

On-Call Attendees:

  • Mike Glass

Action Items:

(Someone) Reach out to Beth to determine the location of the engraver and the timeframe it needs to be removed

(Tails) List the multi-head drill press to get rid of the tool


Machine shop budget balance

Machine shop needs/requests

  • Bob K mentioned that we need a tap handle for smaller taps
  • Need a tap handle for size 4-40 taps and

Some new machine shop acquisitions

  • Amazon order is late

New order arrived

  • New combination square(s)
  • 2 new Starret (budget friendly model) calipers

Tormach Lathe

  • Nick and Paul are working the lathe and getting slides together
  • Reiteration of the mantra of "Machining isn't Magic and isn't for everybody"
  • See training motion below
  • No cutting steel until we get carbide tools and coolant
  • Knurling tool and rolls
  • Adding a sock to catch chips prior to them getting them into coolant tank
  • Rigid Tapping is being left out of the class

Shark Lathe

  • Max brought up the slop in the shark lathe
    • Compound slop
    • There should be a way to lock the gib
    • Malcolm brought-up scheduling a shark compound rebuilding session
    • Malcolm brought-up buying a replacement compound

Colchester Lathe

  • Tim brought-up a DRO was approved for the Colchester and never acquired
  • The committee approved $750

General Maintenance next month on the shop proposed and generally accepted

  • (10/23/2021 starting at 1PM)

Question regarding the status of the MasterCAM purchase

  • Jim stated the board approved additional licenses to facilitate training

Shay Galland stated the plexiglass wall would be a great place to put images of the tools and QR codes to link to the tool training and related documents


  • Nick stated the engraver would be a good fit for PIG
  • Donator stated it is in working condition
  • Donator stated there is no stipulations
  • Donator stated it needs to be picked up soon
  • 3'X3'X1' size

Multi-head drill press has had the chucks removed

  • Chucks were removed


  • Question regarding the leader of PIG Sig….Is he able/willing to commit more to the betterment of the area
  • Resin group interest and status
    • Resin Sig group hasn't been very active due to immune compromised members not being as active for obvious reasons
  • Cap on the dust collector is the wrong size
    • Needs to be a 200uf
  • Nick solicited ideas for plastic projects to generate interest
    • Tails suggested a plastic tool holders from the 1.75" material

Meeting adjourned

Motion and Vote:

  • Motion was made to make the lathe (Colchestor or Shark) training and proficiency a prerequisite to being certified on the Tormach 8L
    • Passed Unanimously**