Machine shop committee meeting 20220226

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Machine Shop Committee Meeting 02/26/2022
5:00 PM



  • Tim Bene
  • Thomas Fagan
  • Charlie Procter
  • Bob Karnaugh
  • Art Givens
  • Randy Lisbona
  • Jay Phelps
  • Edgar Lozano
  • Nate Delp
  • Aditya Anne
  • Kevin Oliver

On-Call Attendees:

  • Chris Marlow
  • Nick Silva


Attendee / Proxy For: N/A

Action Items:

  • (Thomas, 02/26/22) HAAS - Work with Tim and Art to get a HAAS order placed
    • X-Axis home switch
    • Way wipers
    • DTE25

Review Prior Action Items:


Upcoming class commitments (and needs/carry-overs):

  • N/A

Tool Issues:

  1. Bridgeport
    1. noise - Tim is looking at the plastic bushing insert
    2. Tool release switch is flexing
  2. The Albrecht chucks are rebuilt
    1. 2.5mm bearings which is different than the newly designed version
  3. Kalamazoo cold saw
    1. There are blades in the cabinet and waiting for someone to get off their ass and change the blade
  4. Evolution cold saw
    1. Blades are gumming up
    2. One tooth seems to be the worst offender
    3. Discussions:
      1. Polish the offending tooth with a stone
      2. Get the blade reground
  5. HAAS
    1. Haimer
      1. Thomas commented there is a lag between movement at the 1/10 thou movement and the registration on the Haimer
  6. Shark Lathe
    1. Nate mentioned the taper was off by about
  7. Shapeoko
    1. Aditya mentioned the router was making noise
    2. Jay stated he will check it after the meeting
    3. Aditya mentioned the threads on the hold-down was stripped
  8. Plastics bandsaw
    1. Marked training required
    2. Needs a good blade for plastics

For Purchase:

  • $5631 Machine Shop balance (We are down two months of allowance)


  • Bizwacky is working the HAAS computer
    • Board approved the purchase about 1 month ago
  • Nick mentioned that Titans of CNC has a Mastercam Promo Education License 1 seat 1 year license for $160
    • No one knew the limitations
  • Lighting
    • Glassworks lighting lux 900-1000
    • Machine shop lux reading 200
    • Max/Tim stated we want to lower the light fixtures - This won't work as we climbed up and the lux reading was marginally better 350 'ish
    • Do we want to do what jewelry did.....
    • Chris Marlow stated the current bulbs are:
      • LUNERA-10100
      • 5000K 5500 Lumens - 43W - T8 LED Tube - FT96T12 Replacement 120-277V
      • Bulbs were bought from 1000bulbs
        • Chris stated that we have the rep's name and he wants to be very helpful
        • Tim now has the rep's contact info and is going to follow up with the rep
    • Nick stated the company he works for bought flashlights for each station....we all laughed and said we should get headlamps
  • Julio brought up wanting a gear hobbler
    • Charlie recommended that we can buy specific cutters for the gear Julio wants to cut
    • Nate mentioned you can rent them
  • Nate stated he and Max would like a hardness tester
    • Nate wants a dial type of hardness tester
    • Paul said one was going up for auction in Burleson....It is dial type
  • Kevin stated he would like to be checked out on the Sherlines to verify his standard operating is aligned with ours and volunteered to teach the classes


  • N/A

Meeting adjourned