Machine shop committee meeting 20220326

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Machine Shop Committee Meeting 03/26/2022
5:00 PM



  • Tim Bene
  • Jay Phelps
  • Bob Karnaugh
  • Max Holthaus
  • Paul Morely
  • Art Givens
  • Nick Silva
  • Kevin Oliver
  • Charlie Procter
  • Mathew Baldwin
  • Julio Sumarriva
  • Chris Marlow
  • Jacob Eggleston

On-Call Attendees:

  • David Kessinger


Attendee / Proxy For: N/A

Action Items:

  • Bridgeport core change Motor
  • Hass parts ordered & working on solutions for chip catching
  • Chair election next month
  • Shop lights
    • Stocking issues on existing models we use
    • May be under warranty.
    • Tim was planning on calling the salesperson however the costs of basic lights on their website is so low
  • $450 donation to Machine Shop – not yet showing up on our books

Review Prior Action Items:


Upcoming class commitments (and needs/carry-overs):

  • What classes exist today? What gaps?
    • Moodle – Bridgeport
    • Tormach is a month away
    • Plastics – Shapeoko 3 XXL
    • Plastics – Formlabs
    • Mastercam class
    • Kevin offered to create Lathe and Mill classes

Tool Issues:

  1. Pasma Mill
    1. Making an odd noise at certain quill locations
    2. Possibly a drawbar issue
  2. Colchester Lathe
    1. cooling pump may be not working or low coolant

For Purchase:

  • $-136 Machine Shop balance (possible accounting issue)


  • Possible use of the newly approved powered floor cleaner
  • Ongoing use of the 3 mills – one does not have a powered drawbar
  • Tim is trying to come up with an option to support “crowdfunding” for potential new tools
    • e.g. a 4 axis mill
    • this would not be based on commitments to fund, it would be actual funds already donated in a separate account of some kind vs a DMS earmark approach
    • Suggestion (David) – use a time limit (e.g. 18 months) and if exceeded funds are returned
    • This is a complex issue to work out
  • 4 axis mill pro’s and con’s
  • Master Cam – not yet installed – we need Infrastructure to order a new PC that will support it
  • Possibly selling the Millsport mill
    • provides more funds for use
    • more floor space
  • Discussed pros and cons of Moodle
    • Art went over the recent updates to Honorarium handling and limits
    • Copyright assignment is automatic when you create a new class
  • Tim procured more safety glasses
  • Open house next month is the same time as the Machine Shop meeting
    • Closed toe shows and safety glasses are required
    • We have plastic panels for people to stand outside safely


  • Proposal to spend up to $500 on 5000 kelvin lighting – passed (unanimous, no abstentions)

Meeting adjourned