Machine shop committee meeting 20220528

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Machine Shop Committee Meeting 05/28/2022
5:00 PM



  • Tim Bene
  • Jay Phelps
  • Patrick Stake (non-member)
  • Art Givens
  • Charlie Procter
  • Kevin Oliver
  • Nick Silva
  • Chris Marlow

Remote Attendees:

  • David K
  • Aditya Anne
  • Paul Marley



Review Prior Action Items:

  • Haas way covers and X-Axis home switch need to be replaced - parts are in house; awaiting scheduling
    • Charlie will not complete until the machine is cleaned first
  • Evolution saw has been mounted and is back in service.
  • Tim is ordering Anchorlube for stainless and other use cases
  • Cold saw
    • Cold saw blade was changed and it's in service
    • was short on fluid, topped off
  • New Shop lights have come in
    • Tim proposed dealing with this on the next work day
    • Longer light-to-light extensions have arrived
    • We need to procure unistrut, chain and misc items before that time

Upcoming class commitments (and needs/carry-overs):

  • Should we purge old non-members from the Quiz Pass AD? Yes, Tim did so
  • Nick had some class updates
    • Looking to start Master Cam classes
    • Looking at more Tormach class
    • Looking at Teach-the-Teacher for HAAS
  • Commitments
    • Nick teaching Tormach class and Master Cam classes in May.
    • Nick teaching HaaS class in June. Will include Max as a teach-the-teacher so that he can teach Haas in the future
    • Jay teaching Shapeoko 3 once per month
    • Max and Bob are doing checkouts on demand for Lathe and Mill

Tool Issues:

  • Shark Lathe
    • Power feed switching lever that chooses cross slide or main is sticky
    • Ways are sticky - may need more use or some issue with the oiler
    • Lubrication pump may be out – needs further investigation
  • Shop vac needs new hose
    • Tim is ordering a new one after this meeting
    • If we need an adapter (unclear at this time) Jay offered to print one from a adjustable template he has used for the same purpose before
  • Shapekok 3 XXL
    • We need an enclosure - this would open up cutting metal, carbon fiber, etc.
    • Build vs buy discussed - buy would seem to be much cheaper and faster
    • Team took measurements and looked into sourcing options and availability – build is chosen (no readily available options for Buy)
    • Tim decided we will be using metal, no wood
    • We’ll use the acrylic panels we have
    • Working team (Tim/Jay/Aditya) to
  • Missing tap handle for small sized taps
    • Tim will order
  • Some of the Sherline accessories are missing
    • Kevin will perform an inventory
  • Chuck had an issue with the Bridgeport power drawbar sticking
    • Nick had something similar and it may have been a nick in an tool holder
    • Being investigated further

For Purchase:

  • Machine shop balance = “Wildly in the hole “ - Charlie
  • Haas PC with mastercam purchased


  • Incorporating Vcarve pro into machine shop via a PC
    • Team agrees with approach – need to determine our existing PC options next

Action Items:

  • Shop day on June 14th,


  • None

Meeting adjourned