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FAQ Pertaining to Storage at DMS

Personal Storage

What is the purpose of personal storage at DMS?

   Personal storage is intended to provide long term storage for whatever tools and supplies
   a member might need for the duration of their membership.





Committee Storage

What is the purpose of Committee Storage at DMS?

    Committee storage is intended to store tools and supplies as are required by 
    any committee to keep their areas fully functional and well-stocked as well as the occasional
    "project" for the enhancement of the community.





Project Storage

What is the purpose of project storage at the space?

   Project storage is intended to provide short to medium term storage
   of projects and materials that are too cumbersome to transport to/from
   the space every time you need to work on the project.  Unlike the
   personal storage boxes in the snack room, project storage space requires
   adherence and familiarity to the storage policies.  See the answers to
   questions 2 & 3 for how to gain that familiarity.





Whom should I contact with a question about any aspect of storage at DMS?

   The best way to get questions answered and to understand how the
   policies and procedures actually work is to come to the monthly
   Logistics committee meeting, held on the first Sunday of every
   month.  If you have a specific question that you need an immediate
   answer to it is best to send an email to [email protected]

How can I retrieve my item once it has been "purgatoried"?

   You must contact Logistics via either Talk or Discord and arrange a time to meet to access the locked purgatory storage room.

How do I extend my use of project storage for longer then the 48 hour period?

   Allen, In reviewing the policies I am unclear what the procedure is to
   extend the 48 hour period if it is placed by a member is between monthly
   storage meetings.
   Attend the Storage Meeting and explain the progress you have made since
   the last meeting and your plans for progress for the next month. We
   expect most legit projects that have legible storage cards to be
   extended initially.

What does the phrase 'higher scrutiny' mean?

As used in the following policy: "Projects that have been at the Space for more than three months should expect higher scrutiny."

   While this is somewhat subjective, to allow for dealing with a wide
   variety of situations, it means that progress must be occurring on the
   project and that you are able to articulate how you plan on completing
   the project.  You can provide this answers in person or through an agent
   (up  to the third monthly extension).

What does the phrase 'constantly worked on' mean?

As used in the following policy: "After six months, the expectation should be that the project needs to be constantly worked on at the Space in order to remain."

   In this context it is taken to mean that the project is being worked on
   at the space at least 20 hours per week.

What is required to extend use of constantly worked on project storage beyond six months?

   After six months, you will be expected to provide a clear explanation of
   how and when you expect to finish the project or at the very least be
   able to remove it from project storage.  Project storage is a scarce
   commodity and we desire to have it available to as many members as
   possible.  Unfortunately, this means that even if you are working on
   your project constantly, if you are unable to provide a solid deadline
   on when you will be able to take it home your request for extension will
   likely be denied.