Meeting 20100218

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Feb 18th Meeting.


  • Ed P
  • Alyssa P
  • Peter S
  • Eric C
  • Steve R
  • Scott S
  • Mike M

Meeting Items

  1. Proposal 1
    "The name of the group will be Dallas Makerspace"
    Result: Approved. Will change in future as needed.
  2. Proposal 2
    "Meetings will occur on Thursdays every week at XMax until space is found."
    Result: Approved. Will change in future as needed.
  3. Proposal 3
    "Create three coordinator posts. The membership coordinator would sign up new members, keep the membership list up to date, and keep track of which memberships have expired. The equipment coordinator would track incoming donated equipment, the status of current equipment, and track suggestions for new equipment. The budget coordinator would keep track of the club budget and work with the DPRG treasurer to ensure bills are paid."
    Result: Approved. Only one post taken: Glenn Pipe as equipment coordinator.
  4. Proposal 4
    "Start collecting $35 from everyone who is interested in becoming a member to raise capital and get a list of those who are firmly commited. This would count as one month's membership once a space has been found."
    Result: Not approved
  5. Decisions:
    • The name of the group will be "The Dallas Makerspace" until another vote to change it. (as above)
    • Meetings will occur on Thursdays at 7pm at XMax Games until further notice.
    • Members will be requested to make a one-time $100 or more donation. This money goes to raising the approximately $6000 needed to obtain a space. Donation is tax deductable because it is not for makerspace access.