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Makerspace Agenda/Meeting

  • Makerspace intro (5 min)
  • Makerspace business (15 min)
    • hand out flyers
    • donations: any amount OK
    • current funds: $2835 of $6000, Mar 31st goal
    • current members: 8
      • need more members
      • speak at other group meetings
      • post more flyers
    • update group on past events
    • update group on upcoming events
    • upcoming events
  • Group introductions (15 min)


  • 2010318 1925
  • 1926 Ed; makerspace intro
    • sending around sign up sheet
    • 8 members, paying people
    • goal: more members
    • need to put up more flyers
    • all-con, put up tons of flyers
    • upcoming local events 1934
      • oak cliff earth day
      • dfw dragon boat festival
  • 1936 Mikes hobby shop is having a swap meet (Alyssa)
    • Alyssa has a DPRG table
  • 1937 plug for the wiki
  • 1938 finishing up
  • 1938 Mike M talk about Company Dallas
  • office space rental
  • local networking info
  • drinks
  • 1940 question for Mike and Co Dallas
    • says as long as there is a member of Co Dallas available to host, then meeting is OK
  • 1943 questions about space and possibly combining rbno and dms meeting
  • goal, budget and costs
  • 1945 getting money and the overall goal
  • places that we have seen
  • 1946 comment regarding Vex and possibly including funding DPRG and or DMS
    • company parent is innovation robotics
    • 1948 more about Vex and what they *might* want, no talk has even happened w/ them yet


  • 1951 Alyssa presentation starting
  • 2045 Alyssa completed presentation

break out for discussions (no limit)

  • 2053 Open discussion


Name How you found out about us?
Jason Billiot DC214
Ted Cackowski Internet
Doug Emes DPRG
Ron Grant DPRG
Ralph Green via Mike Metzger
J. Jentink speaker at Dallas Open Source Group meeting
Will Kuhnle via Ron
Brian Merritt DPRG
Mike Metzger
Ed Paradis DMS
Alyssa Pipe DMS
Steve Rainwater DMS
Peter Smith DMS
John Swindle DPRG listserve