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Makerspace Agenda/Meeting

  • Makerspace intro (5 min)
    • anyone new, please introduce yourself!
  • Makerspace business (15 min)
    • hand out flyers to those @ the meeting - please pass them out or put them up!
    • budget: <BUDGET ITEMS>
      • current funds: $4100 of $6000
      • current members: 19
    • dues: sign up on the website for recurring donations
    • What You Can Do:
      • call the owners of buildings you see to find out the monthly rate, lease terms, and square footage!
      • post flyers
      • tell your friends and coworkers
      • drop a note on any relevant mailing lists, forums, or news groups you're on
    • past events
    • upcoming events
    • updates
      • last week Mark set up a site (April 20 or 23rd)
      • now have a mailing list for DMS Makers
        • will contain only paying members once we have a space and monthly dues are occurring, currently has all donating, interested parties
        • uber-low-traffic, as only business pertaining to DMS will be sent out to it such as requests, information, and updates




break out for discussions (no limit)


Name Relation to DMS