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Makerspace Agenda/Meeting

  • Makerspace intro (5 min)
    • anyone new, please introduce yourself!
  • Makerspace business (15 min)
    • hand out flyers to those @ the meeting - please pass them out or put them up!
    • budget:
      • current funds: $5390 of $6000
      • current members: 25
      • subscribing members: 18
    • dues: sign up on the website for recurring donations -> Thanks to everyone that has signed up so far!
      • $370 for May (10 people)
      • $490 for June (13 people)
      • $660 for July (18 people)
    • What You Can Do:
      • flyers
        • design/make new ones
        • post them
        • refresh the postings
      • tell your friends and coworkers
      • drop a note on any relevant mailing lists, forums, or news groups you're on
    • past events
      • DPRG Annual BBQ - Saturday July 10, 2010 12pm-5pm, 901 Clinton, Plano, TX 75075.
    • upcoming events
    • updates
      • Update on Art Con SEED project
      • Discuss DMS hosting/organizing the DFW Software Freedom Day event this year
      • Discuss DMS proposal for an interactive art installation for TEDxSMU by July 9
      • The Audelia space!! Spread new info about it, discuss it, and brainstorm over details that will need to be taken care of before we open for business. Lease was signed Friday afternoon, 20100618.


Group Project


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