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Makerspace Agenda/Meeting

  • Makerspace intro (5 mins)
    • anyone new, please introduce yourself!
  • Makerspace business (5 mins)
    • Makerspace ToDo list
    • Physical space ToDo list
    • hand out flyers to those @ the meeting - please pass them out or put them up!
    • budget:
      • Monthly budget:
        • monthly dues: $840 (est for Sep)
        • monthly expense: $741.67 (actual as of Aug 5)
      • current startup funds: $6230 of $6000 (less what we've spent on deposits, etc)
      • current members: 28
      • subscribing members: 23
    • dues: sign up on the website for recurring donations -> Thanks to everyone that has signed up so far!
      • $370 for May (10 people) (added to startup fund)
      • $490 for June (13 people) (added to startup fund)
      • $630 for July (18 people) (added to startup fund)
      • $750 for Aug (21 people)
    • What You Can Do:
      • flyers
        • Download them here
        • design/make new ones
        • post them
        • refresh the postings
      • tell your friends and coworkers
      • drop a note on any relevant mailing lists, forums, or news groups you're on
  • Events (20 mins)
    • past events
    • upcoming events
    • updates
      • Discuss DMS hosting/organizing the DFW Software Freedom Day event this year ( Sept 18, 2010 )
      • DMS proposal for the interactive art installation for TEDxSMU
      • The Audelia space!! Spread new info about it, discuss it, visit it, and brainstorm over details that will need to be taken care of before we open for business.
        • Lease was signed Friday afternoon, 20100618. Currently waiting on completion of CO (certificate of occupancy) from the City of Dallas!
        • Dallas CO applied for on Tuesday, 20100622.
        • Dallas CO issued (but pending inspections) on Tuesday, 20100727.


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