Member Exchange Meeting 20170415

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Member Exchange Meeting, Sunday, April 15, 2017, 5:00 PM


Cairenn Day

David Kessinger

Art Givens

Raymond Jett

Walter Anderson

Mark Havens

John Gorman

Dan Gallagher

Alex Rhodes

Luke Olsen

David Ratcliff

Bill Gee



Shall we try to form a separate committee or a SIG under Logistics? Let's try to work both approaches to see how we can best succeed. Being a committee may be better for control of our own space and autonomy but may be more difficult to get approved.


John Gorman objects to "Freebie Shelf". We like "Member Exchange" or "Recycle Shelf".

There was a suggestion to become the Green Committee to encompass recycling. There is a concern that members who already take items to recycle for cash may not be allowed to be part of the committee. Drop consideration of the name Green Committee and overseeing general recycling.


No paint, tires, chemicals, car parts, CRTs, food waste, liquids.

We need a camera to monitor the shelf. The problem is that the camera servers are already heavily loaded


Disposal after 2 weeks? Use sticky notes to indicate when items are left? Rotating items through several shelves then disposal?


Nothing should be allowed on the shelf which cannot be legally put into the dumpster. What to do with those things? Some cities will take it.

We should log problem items; handle the problem immediately then try to find who left it.


Ban members who violate the rules about leaving prohibited items on the shelf for 6 months? Some prefer to talk to them first and have them remove the item rather than using a formal complaint as the first resort.

Host swap days - 2nd/4th Sat of month for things which will not fit on the shelf or not allowed by the rules.

Use bins to contain things - if an item does not fit, bring them to trader days. Another way to limit the size of things is to put the shelves closer together so that big things cannot physically go there.


Research ways to dispose of waste - document where it went

It is acceptable if individuals took items to dispose in individual local cities.

Do not want anything associated as industrial waste from DMS.

Action steps

Bill will create wiki page - proposed Member Exchange Committee.

Luke said we can e-mail him with questions.


Caireen Day is interim chair.

Raymond Jett vice chair.

Dan Gallagher vice chair.