Metal Shop Committee Meeting 20191005

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Time, location

2019-10-05 12:00 Dallas Makerspace


Jim Hartnett

Nicole Fontenot

JJ Perry

Ron Flores

Tim Bene

Marcel McClain

Charles Procter


  • Proceed with External Gas project, not to exceed $2000. Will proceed regardless of Board allocation. - Unanimous
  • Sell the Lincoln TIG - Unanimous

Tasks completed

  • sorted and culled the committee steel rack
  • removed all illicit personal storage and abandoned items
  • heavy cleaning
  • disassembled the Lincoln TIG. It’s currently in 102 with other hardware that is available for sale. On pallet and readily moved @apparently_weird has offered to take some better photos of it and its parts
  • removed the old tungsten grinder
  • laminated instruction manual for new pencil-sharpener style tungsten grinder
  • sorted tools
  • vapor hone servicing and parts replacement