Metal Shop Committee Meeting 20200704

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Time, location

2020-07-04 12:00 Dallas Makerspace & Google Meet

Google Meet Recording



  • Jim Hartnett
  • Tim Bene
  • Kevin Patel
  • Patrick Thompson
  • Dave Shannon
  • HB Smart II
  • Max Holthaus
  • Charles Procter
  • Beth Bannister
  • Justin Walker
  • lamont fallon
  • Malcolm Galland


  • Vote Jim Hartnett for chair, knowing we made need a new vote next month pending board elections. - Unanimous (Kevin Patel wanted to note for the record that he still thinks Jim Hartnett is a dick)
  • Vote for a 12 month Dynatorch support contract - 1 in favor, 11 opposed. Motion Failed
  • Vote to buy the Dynatorch Scribe tool, pending a request to the board to cover half the purchase since it is a long term investment like the machine itself and currently sits at almost all of the metal budget - 9 for, 3 against. Motion passes

Tasks completed

  • Ran new cabling for cameras
  • Installed the gas bollards; they still need the concrete poured
  • General cleaning & checking equipment
  • noted that the throatless shear needs new blades. MPS-2 model from Baileigh

Other discussions

  • Metal shop is still interested in maintaining heat treating capabilities. The committee wants to continue investigating the offer for a sintering furnace donation which was recently offered, or whether we want to procure/build a different unit.
  • Metal shop is interested in moving the donated Thermal Dynamics 105 Amp plasma generator onto the Dynatorch machine, and move the 85 Amp Hypertherm over to the welding bay for hand-torch use. This will require determining all parts, consumables, and operational adjustments required.