Metal Shop Committee Meeting 202100904

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Dallas Makers Space Metal Shop Meeting Minutes 9/4/21 Opening The regular meeting of the Dallas Makers Space Metal Shop was called to order at 3:14 PM on 9/4/21 in the DMS conference room by Charles Procter, Chairman of the Metal Shop. Present In attendance:  Randy Lisbona, Art Givens, Beth Appleton, Tim Bene, David L. Turner, Charles Procter, Jim Kreter, William Haugen, Michael Royal, Richard Anderson, Max Holthaus, and David Shannon.

Approval of Minutes The minutes of the 8/10/21 were not available for review, discussion or approval. Open Issues

   1. Painting the Metal Shop.  Discussion then entered on moving the equipment out of the Metal shop to repair, reconfigure and paint the metal shop in stages, not all at once.  There are many issues concerning the current layout of equipment and needed repairs to the sheet rock.  Any repairs should be coordinated with the possibility of future expansion.  Motion was made and carried to remove the slip rolls, Miller 250 DX, sheet metal stretcher, hydraulic pipe bender, English wheel and buffer out to the common area and begin a survey of the shop.
   2. The Hobart MIG welder appears to run on 220V but not 208 available in the Metal Shop.  Motion was made to give the Hobart to the Motorsport department and carried unanimously.
   3. MIG classes continue to be hampered the lack of a second MIG welder.  Bids for a Miller Multimatic 255 with running gear and a push pull aluminum gun have expired and a new bid from Metroplex will be presented to the DMS Board.  The bids are time critical and the prices are not firm beyond a few days with a lead time of at least 2 months per Ed at Metroplex.  A motion to proceed at all prudent speed to pursue the purchase of the Miller Multimatic 255 mas made by Max Holthaus and carried unanimously. 
   4. The TIG welder power supply is in the repair process.
   5. The powder coating oven has been deemed salvage and Ian Spurlock will coordinate demolition and disposal.  The purchase of a new oven was approved by the DMS Board at a special meeting in August.
   6. The HVAC for the Metal Shop is not up to code.  Tim Bene will pursue this matter and gather estimates for the upgrade.

New Business

   1. The current Metal Shop balance is $1583.  
   2. Charles Proctor raised the point that the Metal shop should plan for eventual expansion.  If the expansion occurs the Metal Shop should be able to acquire the area where the lasers currently reside.  If Motorsports moves then there is the possibility of acquiring some of their area.  Any current repairs and maintenance of the Metal Shop must take in to account that expansion will occur.
   3. Charles Proctor raised the question of the need for a Gorbel gantry crane.  Rough guidelines of a 1 ton rating with an electric winch were proposed.  It was agreed that further study was needed.
   4. The Jewelry Department has asked for an Argon bottle to use in their casting efforts.  The cost will be approximately $10 per month rental and $33 to refill.  The motion was made and carried to accommodate the Jewelry Department.

Adjournment Meeting was adjourned at 5:25 P.M. by Charles Procter, Chairman of the Metal Shop. T he next general meeting will be at time on 10/3/21 at 3:00PM DMS conference room.

Minutes submitted by: James Kreter  9/12/21. Approved by: Name Charles Procter