Metal Shop Committee Meeting 20210403

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Time, location

2021-04-03 12:00pm Dallas Makerspace & Google Meet

Meeting minutes are presently missing


  • Tails Hartnett
  • David Shannon
  • Charlie Proctor
  • Sam Farsaii
  • Randy Libsona
  • Julie Harris
  • Bob Kirk
  • Jim Kreter
  • Will Koen


  • we're supposedly getting electrical for the hand plasma with the Blacksmithing construction, but a firm answer was not provided by the board in advance of the meeting


  • Procure new guides for the Wellsaw horizontal bandsaw - PASSED 9 in favour 1 abstention
  • Procure vapor hone repair parts (glass, gloves, seals, and hose) - PASSED 9 in favour 1 abstention

Tasks completed

  • Cleaning
  • Vapor hone media and water cycled